Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Jiro is 9

Our plan was to start celebrating Jiro's birthday on Saturday. Both soccer games got rained out, so we had a lazy morning.


Well, clearly Jiro was lazy. I actually did some cleaning up in anticipation of his slumber party. I know from experience that it makes much more sense to clean up after the party, but technically, I hadn't cleaned since Satchel's slumber party the week before. Something had to be done.

After cleaning, some errands had to be run, provisions secured, and so on. Then at 4:30pm, Jiro and I went to pick up 3 of his best buddies and 30 sliders. Greenfield arena was our destination. Yes, Jiro wanted a soccer party. He invited about 14 kids to come and scrimmage. He got to pick the teams.


He did a pretty good job of making things even, and at half time it was tied 2-2, I think. Or maybe Jiro's team was winning? I have no idea. I know that everyone was happy.


At half time we had sliders, chips, and (all natural) sodas. I wondered if the second half would involve a few kids hurling, but luckily it didn't happen. Before we started playing, a couple of kids wanted to switch teams. Without thinking, I allowed one of them to do so. Well, I'm sure you can imagine what happened next. Jiro's team started to lose. He even accidentally scored on his own team. No one really cared of course, except him. Thankfully he kept a stiff upper lip and when it was all over, he seemed happy. I apologized for messing up the teams, and we went on to the next phase of the birthday celebration--Jerry's Sno Cones.


From there we planned to go to Laser Quest, but the boys decided they would rather go home and run wild instead. I offered to serve up another round of sliders and/or make some pasta, but for the second year in a row this crew specifically requested white rice for dinner. I'm serious! Q also requested a plate of my famous cheese chips. Hilarious.

The wild boys actually slept in until about 8am. I made breakfast at 9am and by 10am we were at the park playing more soccer.


I dropped the wild boys off around 11:30am and then we went out to my mom's to scoop up Satchel who had no interest in the party, which was good since he wasn't invited. "Why would anyone want to play sports on their birthday??" he marveled.

At my mom's, Jiro also got his one and only present--a PC laptop. We are a Mac household and this has severely hampered Jiro's gaming, so thanks to locating the most amazing computer wholesaler ever, Jiro got his wish.


Sadly, Warren missed all of the festivities due to volunteering to chaperone his fifth graders on their Washington, DC trip over the weekend. We were able to have a family dinner at Gus's last night on the official day though so that was nice.

Happy birthday to the sweetest, toughest, cutest 9 year old ever!

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