Monday, March 03, 2014

The Monkeys

Playing catch up on the monkey action...

Satchel went to his middle school dance. I suggested having some friends come over so they could go together. It was super cute watching them get ready. Satchel would not take any advice from his parents and said, "I'm not getting styled by people who lived in the 1900's." So he wore what he always wears when het gets dressed up. (He did wait to debut his new shoes at the dance.)


Even though he went with friends, he did officially have a date. And now he officially has a girlfriend. (As far as I can tell, they talk at school and text each other in a group text and post on each other's Instagram feeds. Pretty innocent.) He even went so far as to get her Valentine's candy. He was too embarrassed to actually enter to pink aisles at Target so Jiro and I had to do his bidding.


Even though Satch has a girlfriend, Jiro says I'm still his girl. If Satsuki sits too close to me, he will come in and say, "Move over, that's my girl." I love it.

But as you can see, Jiro & Satsuki definitely have their own thing going on.


Cute, right?


We also survived our first science project. It was one day late, which meant it didn't actually get entered into the Science Fair. That didn't suck at all. Nope.


Oh, and Satchel also started eating spaghetti tacos. I thought he made it up, but he says it is from iCarly!


And that's about it on my cute little monkeys.


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