Tuesday, April 15, 2014


It's birthday season in our house as three out of the four of us have April birthdays. Mine is first and I turned 42, which apparently is the best number ever, and the meaning of life.

When you get to be my age, you buy your own birthday presents. I went with a new iPhone and a box of Raw Girls food including super yummy salads, quinoa burgers, taco salad and juices!


I started the celebrations a few days early. My weekly Tuesday night with the ladies was dedicated to my birthday. Gifts included bourbon and a soccer gift certificate. They know me well!

Wednesday we had a lovely extended family dinner at Skewer, followed by ice cream at Ben & Jerry's. Here is a rare photo of Tracey & I together.


My meal was pretty too.

Here's me and my mom, while I tried to teach her to take a selfie.


Thursday I rested up for the actual day, which was Friday. Naturally, I took the day off to shop and daydrink with my birthday twin, Colleen. This was our third year celebrating this way!


In addition to multiple whiskey smashes at Hog & Hominy, we also had the buffalo pig tails. Yum!

The crispies on top are sliced pig ears. It was weird, but really, really tasty.

After shopping and thoroughly catching up, I left Colleen to meet up with my BFF Marlinee at Second Line.


A few others joined in and this is the only other picture fit for public consumption. (Max and I were recreating a picture of he and Marlinee on their first date.)


Saturday was the season opener of Rock-n-Romp at Mud Island. It wasn't really birthday related, but thanks to the power of Facebook, I received many salutations. And Central BBQ! And Tom's Tiny Kitchen pimento cheese!

Chip snapped this pic of me and my newspaper husband, Richard.]


And my pal Julie got artsy with this one...(I borrowed Jiro's sunglasses.)


Saturday evening, I went to a cookout compliments of Highballers Julie & Lauren. We had a Mexican fiesta theme and it was super fun. Tee not only prepared a feast, he also played bartender.

The more Highballs that get involved, the longer the party lasts. (It was also Weetie's birthday celebration!) We had a great time enjoying a perfect spring night.

The birthday celebrations concluded on Sunday, with Memfeast. It was held on Broad Avenue and guests got to choose the design for the water tower. It was amazing! There was SO much food.

Warren, who spent the day slaving in the yard, was especially happy!



Thank you to everyone who took the time to wish me a happy birthday either in person, on Facebook, by email, text or phone call. I feel very loved!

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