Tuesday, November 18, 2014

The Bag

Four months into our new living arrangements, things appear to be going fairly smoothly. The kids alternate between the house and my apartment on a pretty regular schedule, and even though they stay with me four out of seven nights, Warren and I both see them everyday. I take them to school regardless of where they sleep, and he picks them up each day. There is a routine in place and everyone knows what to expect.

Whether or not things go smoothly seems to depend on the bag that we carry back and forth between abodes. I try and keep all of the school clothes in my possession so that they are regularly laundered. I also try and think ahead to soccer practice and consider the weather and whatever else might affect what needs to go in the bag. The kids are primarily concerned about whether or not their phones and chargers make it in the bag.

Sometimes we drop the bag off before school, sometimes I bring it at evening pick up depending on its contents and their importance.

There are many conversations that begin with, "WHY DIDN'T YOU PUT X IN THE BAG?!" Satchel normally starts these conversations. I firmly state that my filling of the bag is a favor and that ultimately it is up to him and his brother to consider what they need and make sure everything gets transported.

He loves it when I tell him this. As much as I love getting texts that plead, "Can you go by the apartment and get my X?"

This morning he was all emo about my failure to put his hat and gloves in the bag. Apparently, it was a statement on my love, or lack of love, for him.

When we stopped at the house to drop the bag off, we were running pretty close to bell time. I told Jiro to hurry hurry and get the bag inside. He ran in and ran out and despite being very concerned about being late, he presented his brother with the missing hat and gloves that sh etook the time to find.

Of course Satchel, emo to the core, was all, "I don't even want them now." But I could see him smiling and we both know that there is no question that Jiro loves his big brother and that he is the best little brother EVER.

I so hope Jiro stays this sweet once puberty hits.

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Lone Star Ma said...

What a sweet brother!!

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