Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Final Wishes

Excuse me while I get a little morbid...just for a minute.

One of my coworkers died suddenly last week, and I attended her funeral this week. She wasn't sick and she wasn't much older than me. Seeing how my dad also died suddenly, it got me thinking about my own funeral.

I have some small requests:

Please, please, please do not embalm me. Under no circumstances! I would like to be disposed of in the least expensive, fastest manner possible. A pine box, cremation, fire in the backyard--I really don't care. If you'd like to turn me into a tree, that'd be fine too.

Can we leave religion out of it? And don't have someone who never even met me lead the service (if there is one). If everyone could just gather round, have a few beers, and put Joni Mitchell's "Blue" on repeat, that'd be plenty. Should anyone like to say a few words, I'd suggest telling a story about a time when I was right about something, anything.

Thank you!

p.s. The kids probably know all of my passwords.

1 comment:

janiam said...

A friend used to talk about this in college & her requests were similar except it was Linda Ronstadt's song Goodbye My Friend. Thankfully she's still living, but I get a little misty when I hear the song.

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