Monday, January 02, 2006

Happy New Year!

On New Year's Eve my mom came to watch the boys so we could have a little fun. We normally go to dinner and a movie on date night, but there wasn't anything good playing across the street that wasn't three hours long. So we decided to have a leisurely dinner and then go by a friend's party.

I really wanted to go to Sakura and eat sushi, but neither one of us was up for the drive. So instead we went to Sekisui just down the street. I said, "Let's order a bunch of rolls we've never had and just enjoy dining without the monkeys."

We sat at the sushi bar and perused the menu. I had a Kirin on tap and Warren had some sake. The sushi chefs were busy cranking out to-go orders so we got to see all kinds of amazing rolls. Everytime we thought we had decided what to order, the sushi chef would start making a new roll and I'd have to ask, "What's that?"

I decided right then that my goal for 2006 is to be on MTV's show Made so they can turn me into a sushi chef. I know I'm probably too old, but damn, it would be cool. And quite a challenge for (them and) me considering I suck at cooking and cutting and doing anything requiring patience or precision.

We ended up with some really yummy things that I had never known existed. (I usually run in, eat some spicy tuna and spicy crawfish rolls on the boats and run out.)

The Nashville Roll, consisting of spicy crawfish with seared tuna on top is my new favorite. I also really liked the House Cucumber roll which was several crabsticks rolled up in thinly sliced cucumber instead of seaweed. The Volcano was a yummy, crunchy deep fried California roll. Warren scarfed down a Salmon Skin roll--toasted salmon skin with scallions and burdock root--but I could only make it through one piece. If you like salmon skin, this giant roll is quite a deal at $3.95. There are several other rolls we wanted to eat, but just didn't have room for them. Next time I'm not leaving without trying a Louisiana roll which is filled with soft shell crab and spicy crawfish.

As nice as it was dining without the monkeys, I did spend a good bit of time fantasizing about how fun it would be to have them be big enough to sit at the sushi bar and be bold enough to try new flavors and textures. (It seemed like a more realistic fantasy than me becoming a sushi chef.)

After dinner we went to Schnucks ("Oh goodie," Warren said completely serious) to buy black eyed peas. We both had full bellies and a bit of a buzz so we ended up weaving through the store and buying various other things like chicken noodle soup. Warren suggested we get some beer for the party, and since I was still feeling adventurous I said, "Let's go to the International Market on Poplar and get some He'brew beer. The International market was a mecca of fun and fancy beers. I will never buy beer anywhere else again! They also have a deli!

To top off our spending spree, and to firmly secure our place as coolest party guests, we went through the Krystal drive thru to get some burgers. I laughed at all the range of items we had in the car with us--from the three bikes crammed in the back to the sack-o-burger up front. I popped open a He'brew and composed a song for our journey to the tune of "The Twelve Days of Christmas..."

On the last day of 2005, my true love gave to me:
12 Krystal burgers
11 Unopened beers
10 cans of soup
9 ounces of black eyes peas
8 clementine oranges
7 hot wheels
6 handiwipes
5 extra diapers
4 changes of clothes
3 toddler bikes
2 car seats
and one bouncy balllllllll!

Happy New Year everyone! Resolve to post fun comments on my blog!

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Stephanie said...

I am a sushi wimp, which explains my obsession with the Volcano roll. I will eat anything that has been fried! Just last night I ate like two orders of Volcano rolls by myself. Mmmmm!

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