Sunday, December 31, 2006

Final Thoughts of 2006

I've just had my bubble burst by Squirrel Squad Squeaks. Not only does Baby Squirrel eat tongue, Papa Squirrel gets invited to free meals at fancy restaurants before they even open. If that weren't enough, it appears that Mama Squirrel is just as adept as Papa Squirrel is in the kitchen. Their Christmas dinner makes me feel like maybe I should stop talking about food all together!

But before I do that, I have to give props to my brother who invited us over to his apartment last night for Greek Fest 2006. His side of the family comes from Greece and the dinner was his Hanukah gift to us. He made things that I have never heard of, but that were absolutely delicious. (See the food in its full glory over at Chop Fayn) We had lamb meatballs, fried cheese, hummus, a shrimp & tomato dish, Greek caviar, and the best homemade bread ever. The monkeys were absolutely going wild in Uncle Dave's apartment and we all agreed that Greek Fest 2007 should involve a babysitter. They did of course provide some comic relief. I saw Satchel sniffing the wall and I asked, "What are you doing?" To which he replied, "I'm trying to find that funny smell." I laughed and said, "That's the fried cheese," which was dumb because then he didn't want to eat it. It was aromatic and very yummy. Jiro, a.k.a. Mr. Cheese, thoroughly enjoyed it.

While we were dining at Uncle Dave's Warren and I tried hard to remember what we had done the year before on New Year's Eve. "I have no idea," I said. "I think we might have gone out to dinner," Warren said. We sat there with our heads hurting for a second and then Warren said, "Did you blog about it?" Suddenly I had a very clear vision of my post and I remembered exactly what we did! Kind of scary, huh? (We went to dinner and then to a party at Candice & Andrew's house.)

We came home, tucked the monkeys in and then took our places in front of the TV. I let Warren have the remote and he, of course, turned to the History Channel. Soon I learned that I didn't need to worry about Global Warming destroying the earth in 50 years because there is a giant asteroid barreling towards earth as we speak. It is slated to land in 2029 and will blow the entire planet up in about one hour.

I burst into tears and looked over to see Warren fast asleep in his chair. I screamed at him and he threw the remote at me. I immediately changed the channel to HGTV and watched design shows to calm myself down.

Today I am holding onto the sound of the narrator's voice in Charlotte's Web telling the audience that sometimes even the smallest acts can bring about big changes.


Unknown said...

I can not wait until New Years Eve 2028!

Anonymous said...

Shame on the History Channel:

I am so sick over the global warming thing (husband thinks I am whack-ass crazy) after reading Jared Diamond's collapse and the Elizabeth Kolbert series in the New Yorker. I'm afraid to see the Al Gore movie because I know I'll start thinking about how I'm going to grow and preserve my own food and kill and eat my neighbors so my babies will survive.

I'm on the hysterical side of the curve, sure, but I'll laugh last. I've been the butt of many jokes because of the time I didn't want to take Maya to the zoo because the tigers might escape, and how would I protect her? (In my defense, I was pregnant and LOONEY.) And then, just a week or two ago, I am vindicated when I hear about a tiger attacking a trainer during and animal presentation at the SF zoo. IT COULD HAPPEN.

Wild tangent.

Papa Squirrel said...

Don't stop talking about food! The world needs the squirrels AND the monkeys out there keeping an eye on things.

Squirrelly, Jr., surprises us every day. You have so many surprises of your own coming.

Thanks for the kind mention. It is quite flattering to receive praise from a local media darling.

Best wishes for the new year! And get well soon!

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