Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Lamplighter Column

This was my last month as a columnist at the Lamplighter. I have turned the reigns over to the most excellent Kristy! Look for her first column in June!

Midtown Mama Says Goodbye
Stacey Greenberg

Lately my life has been a constant juggling act. Between my family, my career, my various writing projects, and roller derby, I often wish that there were just a few more hours in the day—preferably between 10pm and midnight. When people ask me how I do it, I often find myself at a loss for words. I have no idea how I keep all the balls up in the air! The truth is that I often drop one. Or two. Usually, I just pick them up when I get a chance and keep going, but every so often, something’s gotta give.

I have truly enjoyed my time as a columnist at the Lamplighter. I love running into Lamplighter readers around town who take the time to comment on my articles. I really appreciated all of the positive (and negative) feedback on my “Getting Schooled” essay. (Who knew that my title would be so appropriate?) As I take my first steps towards formal education for the monkeys, it is nice to know that there are so many passionate and concerned parents in the community to help us down the path. Most of all, I will miss working with Courtney. She is a thoughtful and generous editor...and friend.

I am happy to report that Kristy Alley, a Central High School English teacher and mother of four, will be taking over this column in May. I met Kristy in 2003 when she opened the doors of Mothersville to all Memphis mamas. Since then she has been offering me her ear, her advice, and her opinions on a regular basis. She is a great writer and will no doubt bring her own unique style to this column. I can’t wait to read what she has to say!

While I won’t be among the pages of the Lamplighter (on a regular basis) anymore, I won’t be far. Look for my zine, “Fertile Ground,” at Mothersville, visit my blogs, and look for my writing in other local publications like The Memphis Flyer and Memphis Parent. Or just say hi at the next Rock-n-Romp (The next show is June 9th!) or Roller Derby bout! (There’s a double header May 26th!)


Anonymous said...

Oh crap, I have a column to write!

Courtney said...

we'll miss you!

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