Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Injury Update

I never fully told the details of our 1st ever emergency room experience after Satchel busted his chin when naming the Nevinston, but suffice it to say, it is healing nicely. I anticipate that the scar, if there is one, will hardly be noticed.

Jiro, however, likes to be noticed.

On Saturday he snuck upstairs at my mom's house and started playing with her treadmill. I didn't get to witness the actual accident, but judging from the giant road rash on his back, I can only imagine it involved him being pinned next to the roller for a few torturous seconds.

He's been garnering quite a bit of attention, it being swimsuit season and all. Being no dummy, he has learned to start milking it. At the grocery store yesterday as we were checking out, he nonchalantly lifted up his shirt and waited for the cashier to notice his boo-boo. (He was sitting in the grocery cart.) She immediately started oohing and aahing over him, and enlisted a few baggers to ooh and aah along with her.

He just sat there and soaked it up.

Despite taking the injury like a champ and hardly crying at all, he's become quite delicate. Apparently he is now unable to pull down his own pants, participate in gymnastics, do clay projects, and drink smoothies.

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