Sunday, September 16, 2007

The Lion King

After working all morning and attending the Cooper Young fest, Satchel and I headed downtown for dinner at Circa (review to come) and The Lion King. It was the first time in a long while that I have had some serious alone time with Satchel and the first time ever that I got to take him to a fancy restaurant and broadway show.

I felt horrible about leaving Jiro at home, but I couldn't fathom him sitting still from 8pm-11pm! The opening scene was absolutely fabulous and I had a pang of oh I should have brought Jiro too but it soon passed. We had a seat in the front row of the uppermost balcony. Going up the 1000 flights of stairs might have been Satchel's favorite part! He really enjoyed the show and only needed to take 3 bathroom/water breaks. He even helped explain a few parts to me. (I think he saw the movie at school.) I started to nod off at the end (it was a long day!) but Satchel never did.

When it was over, Satch told me it was one of the funnest things he had ever done. I think he really liked being "dressed up" and out on the town, especially at night. "Is it after midnight?" he asked me excitedly when the show was over. (On our very slow decent out of downtown we saw Elmo carrying a giant crayon. He was in a crosswalk headed towards The Flying Saucer. Satchel thought it was the funniest thing ever. "What's he doing with that crayon?" he squealed.)

We got home at 11:30ish and much to my amazement found Jiro awake waiting for us. He'd had a pretty exciting evening with Warren. They went on a shopping spree at Target (Ben 10 toys and various snacks) and then Ross Dress for Less (various cutting boards, a pleather jacket, and black Calvin Kleins), ate Lunchables (!!) for dinner, and then played hours worth of the sacred Ben 10 online games. Jiro and Satchel compared notes (as did Warren and I) and by 12:30pm, we finally wrangled them into bed.


Chip said...

Whoa, your skirt matches that granite wall behind you perfectly!

I agree that one-on-one time with our kids is a good thing. Our kids love it when we do that.

Unknown said...

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