Thursday, November 20, 2008

Mama's Day Off

Wednesday morning, due to a late night of final book report preparations, a "Free Willy" screening, and major snotty noses, I made the executive decision for Team Oster to sleep in and go to school/work late (or not at all in my case).

Warren, unaware of the plan, got up per usual and made a nice breakfast of piggy blankets and scotch eggs.

Once full, the monkeys had the strength to get dressed and go to school. I hung around the school for a bit in a blatant attempt to get invited to lunch. (Stephen Hassinger of the Hunt Phelan is cooking lunch now!) Unsuccessful, I went home to do some work and make some phone calls. Then Warren and I went to Caritas Village for lunch.

We've been to Caritas several times, but only vote. I can't believe we waited so long to actually eat there! It's fabulous! I had a yummy California panini with turkey, bacon & avocado and Warren had a muffaletta panini. We both had the soup of the day which was called seafood bisque, but was much more than that.

Erik Waldkrich, the chef, is a friend of ours from our Threshold Montessori days. He sat down with us for a bit and we had a good time catching up and learning about the restaurant. They are open until 8pm everyday (except Sunday) and have a really nice selection of sandwiches & soups. There are also specials like chicken shwarma and baby ribs. Caritas has a very laidback atmosphere, and it made me feel extra cool that it is in my neighborhood. We will definitely be back!

I took Warren back to work and then went back to Evergreen to see Satchel's book report. He had requested that both Jiro and I come. I thought he would be nervous with me there, but he wasn't at all. He did a great job telling his class about Mabel the Whale. For his report, he changed the ending so that Mabel could go back to the ocean. He also had his friends hold up some pages he found on the internet that tell why whales should not be kept in captivity. (He really wanted to show "Free Willy" to the class, but we had to draw the line somewhere!) I was really proud of him!

Another book report of note was Stephen's daughter's. She read Amelia Bedelia (one of my favorites!) and in true Amelia fashion, cooked delicious lemon meringue pies for everyone!

After a few more book reports, Jiro and I had to leave for his speech therapy class. It was his fourth class. The first one was awesome--he went right in and amazed his teachers with his work ethic and perseverance. Out of nowhere he refused to go to his second class and we both left in tears. His third class required a lot of bribing and begging on the front end, but turned out great. He was really looking forward to his fourth class and I was thrilled to be over the hump.

When it was over, we picked Satchel up and went to get a treat since they both had big days. They, of course, chose to go to Exxon (Target was not an option). Satchel absolutely cracked me up with his choices: Smart Food and a TV dinner.

Jiro took so long deciding, Satchel eventually changed his mind. (I can tell from this picture that Satchel's days of humoring me are numbered!)

Once home, the monkeys ate their snacks, Warren made dinner and got ready for Kendo, and I spent an hour trying to figure out what to wear on my date with Margot. Margot is the Executive Director of Project Green Fork and she invited me to go with her to the media night opening of Sole, the new restaurant in the Westin downtown. (The monkeys were going to my sister's.)

The restaurant looks great, the new chef, Matt Crone, is super nice, and the menu sounds fantastic. They had lots of appetizers going around and a little buffet, but Margot & I got sidetracked by the open bar and many, many fascinating people to talk to.

We ended the evening in a booth with a motley crew of my...fake co-workers. Now that I have a column in the CA, there are people who think that I am an employee of the CA. Technically I am on "staff," but it isn't like I really know anyone else who writes for the paper. (Except for RJA, of course.)

OK I've met Andria Lisle a few times at Rock-n-Romp and everyone knows Michael Donahue. And my old editor from H&F has jumped ship to the I found myself with real journalists! On media night! And I just happened to have three things published in two different papers that day. (Toot toot!)

Margot & Michael...

Andria Lisle and (fabulous artist) Dave Comstock...

Maggie Louie...

Margot had me home by 8:30pm, but I somehow forgot my keys and Warren & the boys weren't home yet,s o we were forced to go to the Cove and eat an Oyster Pizza. (And make sure that my essay on the subject was being framed and hung on the wall.)

I got home at 9:30pm, gave the boys a bath, and then to end a super fun day, we all had some lime Jell-O with critters.

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