Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Voting with Monkeys

"Do I get to vote?" Satchel asked excitedly when we told him we were heading to the polls this morning. I explained that he was voting at school, but that we wanted him and Jiro to come with us to check it out.

Our voting place is Caritas Village and I always look forward to going there. I hoped that this election would bring out more people than usual. (During the mayoral election it was a ghost town.) There weren't long lines like I've seen on TV, but there was a decent sized line. Long enough to make me feel like people cared but not so long that I worried I'd be there all day.

Initially Satchel and Jiro took pleasure in the fact that as more people came, the further we were from the back. "Look, now she's the last person!" they would squeal. After fifteen minutes or so the monkeys became bored with the process. I took them to get some water and discovered a little kids area with toys and books. They immediately started playing and stayed occupied for the 45 minutes it took us to get to the front of the line.

While in line Warren and I got a chance to review the referendums, chat with some of our neighbors, and appreciate the amazing art adorning the walls. (There's a great breast cancer awareness exhibit with bras, underwear, toilet seats, mannequins, an ironing board, etc.) We also reviewed the very reasonably priced coffee menu and wondered why we don't come there more often. It's been on my "places to eat" list forever. I saw several people that I knew from around town, high school, and even college who I didn't even realize lived in my 'hood.

When it was my turn to vote, Jiro accompanied me. I didn't let him push the buttons because I assumed it was illegal (it's not), but I did let him tell me which ones to push. (Luckily we both like Barack and I planned to vote yes on all of the referendums anyway.)

Satchel joined Warren, who took a bit longer than me. When we were finished, Jiro rushed over to assist Warren, but decided he'd rather wait outside. On our way out Jiro tripped over the voting machine cord and nearly ripped it out of the wall! Thankfully the good people at Caritas had it tightly secured with lots and lots of duct tape.

In the parking lot Satchel expressed some disappointment with the process. "I thought they were going to be there and we were going to get to hear some speeches!" he said.


cjaxon said...

DARNIT!! I voted with Connor on my hip. I wanted to whip out the camera but I was not sure if the would allow it ... might get my ballot in the pic. Our ballots were tiny in MS. I think I only had to fill in 7 holes ... yeah, we fill in multiple choice circles ..

Anonymous said...

i can't help thinking it's awesome that there has been such long lines all over... people taking a greater interest in public issues is always a good thing

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