Monday, March 16, 2009

Ten Year Anniversary, Team Oster Style

On Saturday, Warren and I marked ten years of wedded bliss by packing up the monkeys and driving to St. Louis. We visited the City Museum about three years ago, and had been looking for an excuse to go back ever since.

We had planned to get up early and make it to St. Louis by noon(ish), but we got a late start (not at all uncommon around here) and rolled into town at 4:30pm. After checking into the hotel, resting for a bit, visiting with friends who just happened to be at the same hotel, grabbing a quick bite to eat, getting gas, and finding our way downtown, it was 7:00pm. I knew the museum was open until 1am, but worried that 1) It would be all big kids at night and 2) It would be too dark/too cold to play on the MonstrOcity. As soon as we pulled in, we asked the parking lot attendant if little kids were still allowed inside. "Of course!" he said. And then we noticed plenty of people climbing the MonstrOcity despite the cold and impending darkness.

We were all really excited. We parked, paid, and started exploring. The City Museum is amazing by day and even more amazing at night. Warren bought each of the boys a small flashlight and we explored areas we didn't even know existed on our last visit (like the seven story slide only accessible through the caverns). We also got to see the Everyday Circus on this visit which was fun--and provided a nice rest. But again, nothing could compete with the MonstrOcity. Even though it was probably 40 degrees out, it didn't feel like it because we never stopped moving! (It was actually way better than being there in May when it was hot.)

Getting there late probably turned out for the best since we absolutely had to drag the monkeys out at midnight. (We lied and said they were closing.) Jiro declared it is his best day ever. Satchel requested to either move to St. Louis, or at the very least have his birthday party there. When I suggested that both would not happen, he amended his request to a return visit the next day. (I considered it!)


Beverly said...

that place is so much fun, even for a grandmother....your pictures brought back wonderful memories

Anonymous said...

We're glad you guys enjoyed your time at the museum and hope to see you back again soon.


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