Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The Luv Clowns

If you were at the November 2008 Rock-n-Romp at the Metal Museum, then you had the pleasure of seeing Harlan T. Bobo in action with the Luv Clowns.

The Luv Clowns are currently recording an album on the Goner label and were in need of some back up "singers." And by singers, I mean kids who could spell K-I-D-S, scream, jump, and clap. Satchel and Jiro fit the bill!

It is just amazing how shy kids get when you ask them to scream. It's like they think it's some kind of trick! Maybe if the parents wouldn't have been there, they would have been more inclined to go crazy. After some warming up and some cajoling, they finally fell into line and screamed, jumped, and clapped on cue. I was really glad Warren came with me, as he is proving to be an awesome "Stage Dad."

All in all, it only took about 30 minutes to get the tracks down. As a thank you, Tim Prudhomme passed out cookies.

It was awesome.

Look for the record to be released in November. And if we're lucky, Harlan and the Luv Clowns might come play the December Rock-n-Romp.

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