Thursday, March 31, 2016

Long time, no post

Yikes, it's almost April and I haven't made a single post ALL YEAR! What's up with that? I guess we've all been a little busy. Not sure that there's been anything too out of the ordinary to post about.

Jiro is playing soccer for Liberty again.

Satchel actually tried out for Snowden and made the team. Due to rain and whatnot he's only had one game and I got no good pictures.

Jiro went to his first ever concert at the FedEx Forum: Fall Out Boy. Ha!

What else? We've made a couple of funny videos together--one for Lauren's surgery and one for my upcoming birthday.

Spring break was last week, and we did manage to take a little day trip to Oxford. I told the boys we were going to have a nice lunch, see an art exhibit, visit a bookstore and then go to Faulkner's house. Satchel said it sounded like the nerdiest trip ever. Then he did a really funny nerd voice, but refused to let me capture it on video.

Anyways, we had a really nice lunch at Boure. (More on that later.)


Then we walked across the Square and saw Maggie Russell's show at Southside Gallery.


The kids both really liked it, though they are too cool to make any pleasing facial expressions.


Our next stop was Square Books. Satchel actually asked me, "Why would we hang out in a bookstore?" Thankfully, he was able to answer his own question. And yes, he found a book to buy.


I quite enjoyed sitting on the upstairs balcony and drinking a coffee while people watching down below.


Next, Jiro insisted on getting a cookie from this place clearly created for stoners.


Then we hit Off Square Books and Square Books, Jr. where we found treasures such as the Handicorn. Oh and these little hands. Satchel said, "Do you know how many high fives I could give with these?"


After walking through the Square, the boys started to get a sense of how important Faulkner was to the town.


Rowan Oak was our last stop, and both boys were actually quite interested and enthusiastic about it.


It was a great little day trip.

I've actually got a travel assignment on Oxford so if any of y'all have some insider tips and other suggestions for things to do, I'm all ears. Email me: stacey at fertilegroundzine dot com. Thanks!

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