Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Coloring Books

I got a Mindware catalog in the mail today and my mom was flipping through it at dinner. She said, "Ooh they have those coloring books you used to love." I took one look and was totally taken back to 1979 when I would spend hours at the coffee table using up every ounce of ink in my endless stream of markers. The catalog had about 20 coloring books I wanted to order immediately for myself...and my sister...oh and maybe our kids.

(They were listed at $6.95 though which is a little steep. I did a google though and found them for $4.99. Score!)

I will surprise each of my sister's with one, send a few out as gifts, and put the rest in my secret collection of cool coloring books that I have squirreled away in the closet lest they be destroyed by rambunctious sharpee & scissor toting boys with Cheeto fingers.


Stephanie said...

A coloring book that doesn't feature Dora or Elmo? What a novel idea! :)

Anonymous said...

For a humongous selection of coloring books, masks, crafts, paper dolls, paper toys, and stickers go to:

There are probably 1,000 coloring books alone to choose from, almost all under $4. Stacey, didn't I give some of the Native American coloring books to Satchel a couple of years ago? They came from Dover. -B in Pland

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