Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Where's my baby?

Jiro, my jewcy rumpalicious baby is disappearing before my eyes and becoming a toddler! His most excellent beach belly is practically gone and he is *gasp* starting to develop calf muscles!

I know that children do most of their muscle development between ages one and two, but I just didn't think it was possible for my chunky monkey to become a skinny minny like his brother.

Jiro's Ramones shirt no longer covers half his butt, instead it barely covers the top of his shorts (which are ones I bought Satchel earlier this year that did not meet his high fashion standards).

His little toes are starting to hang over the edges of his sandals.

He's long and lean instead of fluffy and soft.

He refused to nurse today and wanted his daddy to put him to bed.

Wasn't I just complaining about the incessant "Mamamamamamamamamamama" a few weeks ago? What have I done!?

I can't really blame him though. He's been home with a fever the past two days--poor little guy is getting his 1st year molars and eye teeth simultaneously--and his daddy has been taking great care of him. Jiro has been to Warren's office, the hardware store, the pet store and even the playground. He's gotten to watch all of his favorite shows, play with all of his favorite toys, and have his daddy all to himself--which is no easy task with a three-year-old big brother to compete with.

I'm going to enjoy this daddy phase and catch up on my reading. Besides in just a few days, I'll be flying solo again for three weeks.


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Stephanie said...

The biggest cliche you hear when you're pregnant is "Enjoy every minute- they grow up so fast," but it's true! Now that Connor doesn't wear diapers he looks all thin and grown up.

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