Monday, October 31, 2005

Happy Halloween!

We went all out for Halloween this year. A trip to the pumpkin patch, Zoo Boo, pumpkin carving, house decorating, and trick or treating. Halloween is Warren's favorite holiday. While I loved it as a kid, I haven't gotten too excited about it in recent years. However, I think that might be changing. I really enjoyed myself this year.

Satchel was a red Power Ranger. (We gave up all hopes of getting him to be Pee Wee Herman once the costumes appeared on the Target shelves.) He originally wanted to be the green Power Ranger, but suddenly changed his mind. I understood why today when Warren reported on the costumes of Satchel's classmates. Apparently they got together and decided who was going to be which color ranger so they could have a complete crew with no repeats.

Pretty impressive (and a little scary) if you ask me.

The girls had a different plan. They all agreed to wear the exact same ballerina outfit. from what I hear. (This also helped explain why Satchel has been trying to talk me into being a ballerina for the past few weeks.)

Satchel really did embody the Power Ranger spirit by trying to fight evil in all its forms while in uniform. Whenever we saw a Darth Vader coming down the road, Satchel drew his sword and challenged him to a duel. (He's come a long way from last year when he hid behind me and cried his eyes out when he saw Darth Vader at Zoo Boo.)

Jiro was a bear. I got him an handmade costume off of ebay after failing to find a prefab one that was cute enough. (And after successfully convincing Warren not to spend a week making one himself.) He refused to wear the hood, which was unfortunate, but he did wear the bear slippers with claws (Old Navy circa 2003) that Warren bought at the thrift store several months ago.

Jiro picked up on the "trick or treat" mechanics almost instantly and had a great time going from house to house. We might have trick or treated all night had he not taken a huge dump in his bear suit on the one night I had a diaper, but no wipes, on my person.

After making sure the kids had three decent meals today, we decided to let them eat as much candy as they wanted tonight since it is "disappearing" tomorrow. (I figured they would both end up puking, but so far, so good.) We laid all of the candy out on the table and sorted it like my sister and I did when we were little.

Jiro pranced around the kitchen naked, shoving candy in his mouth without bothering to unwrap it. Satchel unwrapped his, but couldn't make himself actually eat it. He opted to chew it up once or twice and spit it out onto the table in a sugary heap.

Once the boys got in the tub, I hid all of the candy in the closet. Once they were in bed, Warren and I sat on the sofa and helped ourselves while watching the Daily Show.


Lone Star Ma said...

Ah, the joys of looting their Halloween candy! I had my annual forbidden nestle candy favorite which I won't buy because of the boycott, but which she always ends up with at least one of on Halloween!.

Stephanie said...

We wanted to go all out this year, but Connor did not cooperate. It's a long story- you know where you can find it!

Your boys looked adorable, of course! We need to get our boys together soon so we can sit back and be overwhelmed by their combined cuteness.

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