Monday, November 07, 2005

Baptist Hospital Implosion

On Sunday morning Warren got us all up at 6:00am to drive downtown and watch the Baptist Hospital implosion. He had been looking forward to it for weeks and had scouted out a special viewing spot the day before with the kids. I really wanted to see it, but I really didn't want to get up at 6:00am.

I took one for the team.

We drove down Madison Avenue to a parking lot near the I-40 overpass and lined up along a chain link fence with about a hundred other people. The spot we were in was most reminiscent of a tailgate party. One family had chairs for each of its members--big ones for mom and dad, little ones for the three kids. I said, "Looks like you guys have done this before," to them , since they seemed so comfortable, but they just looked at me like I was an idiot.

Did I mention it was 6:30am?

As we waited for the implosion, we marvelled at the people lounging along the overpass, lining the rooftops, and filing down the street.

I was happy to be there. I felt as though I was treating the boys to a small piece of history. Satchel's excitement was second only to Warren's. Jiro seemed pretty clueless as to why he was hanging out in his stroller in his jammies and a half ton diaper eating Fruit Loops out of a ziplock bag. But it was a cheerful cluelessness.

Sirens went off at exactly 6:45 and we prepared for the big event.

We heard lots of explosions...

Then the building started coming down!




Uh-oh 9/11 flashbacks!

Seriously--look at all of that smoke!

Jiro was not amused!

Once it was all over, we piled in our car, like everyone else, and went home to watch it again and again on TV. And take a nap.

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