Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Second Leg

After a mad dash through the Phoenix airport we made it to the second leg of our flight with just minutes to spare before the final boarding call. The plane had three seats on each side so we all got to sit together. We also got to bring the carry-on on, so I fished out Jiro's soggy blanket and he went right to sleep.

The planed pulled out right on time, only to go about 100 feet before turning back. "Sorry folks, the bathroom sink is broken and we have to get it repaired. Should take about 20 minutes," the stewardess announced.

Yeah, right.

I dozed off watching the man next to me watch himself playing golf on his laptop. When I woke up, Satchel had befriended the little girl in the seat behind him. They were talking to each other through the space between the seat and the wall.

Natasha was six and half and was patiently explaining the dynamics of the impending take-off to Satchel. "The plane is going to go really fast so it can build up speed...like when you want to jump and you run really fast so you can get high off of the ground."

Satchel nodded and said, "One time I jumped over an airplane and I fell down and hurt my knee."

Natasha was impressed.

They carried on non-stop for the entire hour and fifteen minute sink repair and then the hour and a half flight.

Satchel did his usual run down of his most valued worldly possessions..."I have glow in the dark socks, I have a monster truck shirt, I have a little brother, I have a snowsuit..."

He paused after the snowsuit and asked, "Do you have a snowsuit?"

Natasha replied, "I have snow pants."

Satchel then took off his Buzz Lightyear jacket and passed it back to her. "Here, you can wear this with your snow pants so you don't get cold."

I nearly exploded with motherly pride. I looked back at Natasha's family and they seemed to be enjoying the conversation as much as we were. Natasha's mom had a sleeping baby in her lap like I did and smiled at me. "You have such a sweet boy," she said.

It wasn't long before Satchel was almost completely naked. He kept stripping off layers to show Natasha different things. Finally he said, "I need my Power Ranger suit!" (Donning his Superhero garb is a sure sign that he is smitten with someone.) Natasha was also treated to seaweed and carrots and a Power Ranger action figure. (We ate all of the crap snacks on the first leg!)

By the time we were making ourfinal descent into San Francisco, Jiro and Natasha's little sister were in on the love and everyone was crawling all over the seats, passing toys and snacks, chirping and chatting away. I'd say it was the most enjoyable flight I've ever taken.

The steward and stewardess from the first leg would have been appalled.

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