Monday, January 29, 2007

Young Studs

Yesterday at Castillo Alley, Jiro and S shut themselves in S's room. I have no idea what they were doing, but when they came out a few minutes later they both had bedhead and silly smiles on their faces. Smiles like they had been kissing or rolling around under the covers or something. They both kind of looked at the floor blushing while the other kids attentively watched "Popeye."

I looked at Kristy and said, "What do you think those two are up to?"

"They are probably just jumping on the bed," she said innocently.

"Okay, yeah..." I said not believing a word of it. He's not even three!


In the car tonight on the ride home, Satchel said, "Piper and I shared germs today."

"What do you mean you shared germs today?" I asked.

"She kissed me!" he exclaimed.

"Where did she kiss you?" I asked, curious.

"Right here," he said pointing to his lips, smiling.

"Why did she kiss you?" I asked, curious again.

"Because I told her I would bring my seashells to school tomorrow."

Of course.


Before bath, I was changing into my pajamas and Satchel picked up my bra that was laying on the bed. "Stella doesn't know what a bra is," he said.

"Why were you and Stella discussing bras?" I asked, shocked.

"We were reading and we saw the word "bra." Stella can read better than anyone, even you," he explained.

"So did you tell her what a bra was?" I asked hoping that bra was just a small part of a bigger word that Stella was trying to read.

"Uh-huh," he nodded.

"Well, what did you say?" I pressed.

"I told her it was something that grown up girls wear to hold in their boobies."

"Well that's exactly right," I said directing him towards the tub while imagining the conversation that Stella might be simultaneously having with her mother.

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