Wednesday, January 31, 2007

We're moving!

So basically we found a house before I could really even do too much talking about looking for one. It's a 1922 house that was completely gutted and updated. It's walking distance to Overton Park and Warren's office. Plus, we already know three other people on the same street with kids the same age as ours.

For some reason I have no picture of the front, but I can show you some of the inside.

The kitchen was the real selling point. It is part of a larger room that will encompass the dining room table and probably some comfy chairs. Can you say, "Sushi party?"

I was also really impressed by the master bathroom. Here our realtor shows off the size of the shower.

Look at the cool glass tiled windows in the closet.

Marble floors!

The second bathroom was just as fancy. The kids think the sink is the coolest thing ever.

Look at the awesome tile work.

As nice as the inside is, it's the backyard that really sold us on the house. Check out that garage! And there's even a studio on top.

The yard needs landscaping, but it is definitely big enough for a Rock-n-Romp! (We'll be hosting October 27th.)

The closing date is March 2nd! Eek!

Now...does anyone know anyone who might want to buy a lovely 2 bedroom, 1.5 bath house with a screened in back deck overlooking Overton Square?


R said...

Holy moo, Stacey. That house is GORGEOUS! I have much jealousy.

Congratulations! You've just gotten all kinds of good news lately!

Anonymous said...


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