Thursday, February 01, 2007

Team Oster Goes to the Opera

Last Saturday, Warren and I decided to go to Il Trovotore for the special Make Shift Goes to the Opera shenanigans. Unable to convince any of our normal crew to join us, Warren and I were on our own.

After spending the freezing cold afternoon raking four years worth of leaves (with a broken leg and bad back) I have to admit that it was a struggle to stay awake. But I did it! (Warren, who spent the afternoon working on the deck, was asleep in minutes.) Adding to the difficulty was the fact that it took me almost ten minutes to realize that they were projecting subtitles above the stage. I was under the impression that the opera singers were supposed to be so expressive that a translation was not necessary.


The singers basically stood in the middle of the stage singing Italian sentences as slow as humanly possible. Also I have to say that the opera was about a vicious love triangle, but the three characters involved in it had anything but chemistry. (Or basic appeal.)

Not surprisingly, we snuck out during the intermission (with a handful of other hipsters) and went to Bluefin for some sushi. (I had a sushi appetizer called the spicy tuna tower that was SO yummy.) The restaurant was packed to the gills and we waited almost an hour for a table. Thankfully it was worth the wait.

By the time we finished it was 11:30, which was perfect because that's when the secret after-party started. We made it to the Power House just in time to chat with Kate, Cory, and Candrew before Two Way Radio started their set in the basement. Surrounded by enthusiastic youngsters dancing their hearts out and a handful of artists doing an installation, they rocked the house as usual. (As an added bonus they were all dressed up in the Opera attire.)

I really really wanted to stay and see Snow Globe, but our babysitter was turning into a pumpkin. (Hopefully I will get to see them at an upcoming Rock-n-Romp.)

So to sum up:
Two Way Radio--good.
Il Trovotore--not so good.

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Candice & Andrew said...

I didn't care much for the opera either. I was a bit suprised and disappointed that there were subtitles and now I realize it was because they were supposed to be expressive and weren't at all. But at least we knew what we wer getting into. I heard a rumor that some folks left during intermission, not because it was a poorly done opera, but because it was in Italian!
Oh the house looks awesome. We drove by last week. It's great! We can't wait to help with the move!

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