Tuesday, March 06, 2007

All Moved In

A special shout out to Charles and Reggie (of AM/PM Movers) who moved TWO LOADS of our crap on Saturday. They were super awesome and never once stopped smiling. Charles did comment (quite astutely), "You don't really have that much furniture--just a lot of boxes."

A lot of boxes.

When Warren started handing me down boxes from the attic (one of them was filled with rocks), I almost started crying. "Why do we own all of this stuff?" I whined, thinking back to 1994 when I left for the Peace Corps with 27 pounds on my back.

Now that we have a house with a gargantuan garage, we simply will never be able to move again. I can only imagine the things that will start to pile up in there!

Right now while we recover from strep throat, we have nothing better to do than to stare at all of our boxes, thumb through the IKEA catalog, and wonder if we will ever have the strength to whip this place into shape.

Surely we will, right?

I shouldn't complain too much, as things really are lovely east of East Parkway. (Who knew?) The monkeys love having their own room almost as much as Warren and I love the monkeys having their own room. They are actually sleeping there! (They also enjoy dispensing ice and water out of our new refrigerator.) Our master bedroom/bath seems beyond fancy. Warren summed it up when he said, "It feels like we are in a hotel." Best of all, everything is just fresh and clean and new.

As an added bonus, my mom has hired a horde of landscapers to come transform our bumpy, stump ridden yard into a smooth, flat, grassy oasis next week!

I can hardly wait for daylight savings.

p.s. Cathy, believe it or not, we didn't find the DVD. Or the missing Spider-man slipper for that matter.


RJA said...

Now that you aren't sleeping with the kids, are you going to sleep with their dried up placentas or can that finally be disposed of?

Cathy White said...

My mom always says, if you don't look at it for a year, get rid of it. This does not apply to mementos and pictures and, I assume, dried up placentas. If you ask my husband, it also does not apply to Pink Floyd concert T-shirts that would be snug on a 12-year-old girl either.

It's good advice, but really, you should see my mom's house. It's like a craft shop covered with cat hair.

RJA said...

I forget, is Jiro the one on the left up there in that picture or is that Satchel?

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