Friday, March 02, 2007

Not the Fun Part

So the movers are coming in 12 hours and we are about 93% packed up despite the fact that every single one of us is sick. Is that awesome timing or what?

The movers called to confirm our appointment earlier today. The guy on the phone asked, "Are you the Stacey Greenberg from the Flyer?"

"That's me," I said.

I kid you not, he said, "Wow, I can't wait to meet you tomorrow!"

Okay back to packing...and blowing my nose.

Hahahaha. I love that shit.


ali said...

I'm jealous. The only time my name gets recognized it's because of my kids... "Hey, are you Riley's mom?" Sometimes: "Hey, are you that lady who used to write for Dan Ho?" Yup. That happens all the freaking time.

Stephanie said...

You are a rock star! And your house is gorgeous.

Cathy White said...

Did you find the DVD?

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