Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Baby Miles

Baby Miles, the monkeys' half brother, came for a visit last weekend. Vanessa, his mom, told me that he was crazy about Thomas the Train. Since the monkeys were the recipients of the mother lode of Thomas hand-me-downs from my nephew, Baby Miles was in heaven.

Satchel tried very hard to get Baby Miles to go outside and hunt for caterpillers, but he would have nothing of it. That was just fine with Jiro. He and Miles played with the trains for hours, while Satchel and Jack (a friend from down the street) hunted caterpillers.

After several hours of playing, naps by most of the kids and a few adults, we decided to go out in search of food. Having just had such a great experience at Sekisui's Crazy Hibachi, the restaurant choice was easy.

Our chef was very entertaining, but not entertaining enough to get Baby Miles' mind off of Thomas. He had brought a couple of trains with him to dinner. Once most of the food was gone, Jiro ventured down to the other side of the table to visit with Miles...and check out the trains. Miles did not want to share, and before we knew it, he and Jiro were full on wrestling!

Baby Miles is not nearly as "sturdy" as Jiro, but he sure is scrappy!

Eventually Jiro acquiesced and sought refuge under the table. Had he not been somewhat limited by his cast, it might have been a whole different story!

We all thought it was pretty hilarious, and as you can see, even took pictures. It was not, however, one of my proudest parenting moments. We made it out without ruining anyone's meal, but it was a close call.


Sweet Sassy Molassy said...

Wow, he looks just like his mom!

RJA said...

Does Warren have to father one of Krity's children for us to get invited over to the new digs?

Chip said...

Holy crap, hair-pulling and everything! So funny that you stood around and took pictures.

I probably would've done the same thing.

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