Sunday, April 08, 2007

Easter-y Goodness

Since there's not a lot of Passover activities involving candy, money, and hunting for things, we opted to partake in the Botanic Gardens Easter Eggstravaganza (or something) yesterday with my extended family. Driving over with a splitting headache and not nearly enough sleep, I had my doubts about the whole event.

The "Family Hunt" included the whole gardens. There were 50 eggs only. Fifty really hard-to-find eggs. Then there were individual hunts for ages two and under, 3-5, and 7-9 that were super easy. (Basically a large area covered with eggs was roped off for each group. Someone blew a whistle at a designated time, and a free-for-all ensued. As the ages increased, the time it took to finish the hunt decreased. The 7-9s gathered up over a thousand eggs in 42 seconds.)

My sister told me that they didn't find any eggs on the Family Hunt last year and after about thirty minutes of looking this year, I could see why. Then miraculously, my little archaeologist, Satchel, uncovered three eggs in a ten minute period. He was nice enough to share with his cousins, and they each got a pretty decent prize. (Satchel got four Malco movie passes.)

The individual hunts resulted in a large haul of McDonalds freebies, Ben & Jerry's freebies, teeny tiny toys, and some candy. In addition to the egg hunting there was a magician, a balloon animal maker, a face painter, and the local Music for Aardvarks guy.

This morning, after sleeping past 6:45am for the first time in days, we had a fine time decorating eggs.

Satchel's mostly turned out purple or brown due to his desire to dip them multiple times. Jiro's turned out extremely fancy due to his instructing Warren to "make Kikaida and Hakaida ones."

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