Monday, April 30, 2007

From One to the Next

Ever notice how kids' birthdays seem to last a week? Well it seems like April was just one big birthday party around here. We just wrapped up Satchel's celebrations, when it was time to start Jiro's. Not surprisingly, I got waaaay behind trying to document things. Here's a recap (minus a few things that will eventually get their own posts).

Last Sunday we went to our first Redbird's game of the season with my sister's family and most of the blogosphere's breeders. It was kids' day which was cool because the kids got in free. (It was not cool because the kids all got 5 tokens and drove us mad begging to play games.) I had imagined relaxing on a blanket with an adult beverage and conversation (and bbq nachos) while the monkeys frolicked on the playground, but what I got was incessant whining and demands.

It wasn't a total bust though. Watching gimpy Jiro run the bases and high five the Red Hots was awesome.

After the game we invited everyone over for ice cream cake, hot dogs, hamburgers, and mojitos.

It was so much fun, we actually forgot to open Satchel's presents!


Jiro's birthday celebration started Friday at school. In the morning the kids went on a field trip to see The Wizard of Oz at GPAC.

In the afternoon Jiro got to walk around the sun and pass out giant smartie lollipops. (Warren and I were both relieved when he chose lollipops instead of homemade cupcakes.)

The elementary kids had "Favorite Food Friday" and Dillon saved a piece of the cheesecake he made for Jiro. (How sweet is that?)

Friday night we went to dinner with Team Chockley then set up for the Rock-n-Romp. (Details to come.) Sunday, on Jiro's actual birthday, we put together his new bike and played in the yard most of the morning.

That afternoon, Stella was having a belated birthday pool party. It was awesome because Jiro (and Satchel) got to see all his friends, swim, jump on the trampoline, and eat cake and I didn't have to do anything except hang out!

The festivities ended with a family dinner at Hibachi (details to come) and then cake and presents at my mom's house.

I'm exhausted to say the least.

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