Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Get to Know The Saucier

Because I have multiple blogs, it seemed only fair that I should get to know more than one blogger in our continuing Get to Know Your Blogger series. I picked The Saucier for several reasons. First, of everyone, I probably know the least about him. Second, I like talking about food. Third, I like convincing people to do things that they wouldn’t normally do.

FYI--I spend a considerable amount of time with The Saucier’s wife, Elizabeth, thanks to the Memphis Roller Derby as well as his brother-in-law, sister-in-law, and their kids.

SG: Well, it seems like I should be dining with you like I did with Chip, but I've opted to introduce you here on Fertile Ground. Let's just pretend like your blog is your baby, okay? Tell me why you decided to start Bar-B-Log. Ok wait. Because you were going to create the perfect Bar-B-Que sauce and document it, right? Clearly, it has become more than that. Do the Internet version of whipping out your wallet to show me a picture of your baby/blog...AND THAT DOESN'T MEAN POST A LINK!

The Saucier: So, I can tell you aren't going to make this easy. Issuing cryptic commands instead of asking questions. Purposefully misspelling barbecue. You wanna play hardball, sister? Let's go!

Actually, your description of Bar-B-Log is quite simply, it. Once I decided I wanted to learn to make BBQ sauce, I realized that I finally had a reason to start a blog. The topic is interesting and entertaining to a devoted niche, personal without being a diary, and has the potential to generate controversy. That last part is important because I like to argue, and I had no interest in writing about religion or politics. I'll leave that to the other 99.9% of blogs. Obviously, I'm not going to cook a batch of The Sauce every day. Cooking, restaurant reviews and general BBQ news seemed a natural fit to round things out.

As for a baby picture, how about this? Ain't I cute?

SG: Love the baby picture.

Tell me again why you don't approve of the BBQ Shop? I just ate there and damn, it was good!

TS: Everyone loves to tell me how great the Bar-B-Q Shop is. Well, it's not. Maybe you can get good BBQ there sometimes, and maybe you can't. I never have. A good restaurant has to be consistent. There are way too many good BBQ joints in Memphis to fool around with that place.

SG: Other than Bar-B-Q, what is your favorite food?

TS: There's no real answer to that questions. I'll say eggs. They're incredible AND edible.

SG: Do you cook a lot? If so, what is your signature dish?

TS: I cook a lot, but only rarely do I work on anything elaborate. I tend to improvise too much to have a signature dish. I'm easily bored. Lately, I've been working on tandoori chicken -- sans tandoor.

SG: If you could go to any restaurant in Memphis, what would it be?

TS: The original Grisanti's on Airways. You didn't specify whether it still had to be in business.

SG: Listwork or Sketchwork?

TS: Sketchwork

SG: What is your most favorite painting Elizabeth has done and why?

TS: A life-size nude of yours truly titled "Magnificence." Obvious reasons.

SG: Describe the Memphis Roller Derby in three words. (Or sentences. Or paragraphs.)

TS: Hell on Wheels.

SG: So, how did you and Elizabeth meet?

TS: RJA (my brother-in-law) and I have been friends since high school. Back then Elizabeth was just my friend's little sister. We started dating years later in college. I've never asked, but I don't think RJA found out until it was too late to intervene.

SG: Why is it neither of you can sleep while separated?

TS: When you've been married to someone for over 50 years, that's just how it works.

SG: What is it that draws you to Fertile Ground?

TS: I'm extremely jealous of parents. (How does one type a sarcastic tone?)

SG: Okay seriously, why do you read Fertile Ground (The Blog)? (Or don't you?) It's fine to say that you just like my writing btw.

TS: I read it cause you're a friend of mine. Other than telling parents exactly what it is they're doing wrong, I'm not too interested in parenting. I read your other blogs more religiously.

SG: Lest my readers get the wrong idea, do you at least dig uncle-ing? Tell my readers about "family night" dinner.

TS: I absolutely LOVE being an uncle. I've had dinner with The Quartet almost every Thursday night of their lives, and I wouldn't trade it for the world. Down in Florida, there's a new niece on the way. I'm pretty disappointed that I won't be able to spend as much time with her as I do the others.

SG: Other than family night dinners, what contact do you have with The Quartet? In other words, let's hear a funny uncle story...

TS: Urf! steals all the good material. I can't compete.

SG: Aw, come on. There was something about JP sleeping on your head... Or maybe you will have to admit that you don't spend enough time with them sans their scribe.

TS: I've spent almost zero time with them apart from one or both of their parents. That says nothing about me as an uncle.

SG: Dude, no wonder I couldn't convince you to dine with them (and write about it for Dining with Monkeys) while I was laid up with a broken leg. What are you so afraid of? They're about the most well-behaved bunch of kids I've come across.

TS: I think you've misunderstood. Reread the part about it having nothing to do with me.

SG: I thought you were being sarcastic. Are you saying that you want to but they won't let you?

Or are you still being sarcastic?

TS: That's all I'm gonna say about the family business.

SG: I feel like I just walked into a scene in the “Godfather!” Speaking of, what's your favorite movie? Preferred movie theater? What do you buy at the concession stand?

TS: Again, I hate trying to boil such a large subject down to a favorite, but if I have to pick, I'll go with "Raising Arizona."

I'm pretty much sick of movie theaters. No one knows how to act in public anymore, and I'm not talking about the kids. Put that together with the prices and the fact I'm paying to watch commercials, and I'd rather stay home and watch a DVD. Just call me Pappaw.

The last question is easy - Raisinets or Junior Mints.

SG: Want to wrap up with the 10 Actor's Studio questions or would you like to reveal your top five websites for purchasing Elizabeth cool shoes and other gifts?

TS: I was going to answer the 10 questions, but I realized that if I were to answer the "curse word" question honestly, no one would ever speak to me again. So, I'll take websites for $100, Alex.

I'm a big fan of both Zappos and Janet Jewelry. John Fluevog makes some unique, often cool, mostly wacky shoes. They ain't cheap. I haven't bought anything from Urban Chic yet, but I probably will soon. And, there's always Net-a-Porter if you really want to break the bank.

I've said too much. Those are all the secrets I'm giving away.


Chip said...

Are we sure the Saucier isn't actually related to RJA by blood? The crotchety-old-man streak seems incredibly similar...

RJA said...

The Saucier is a wonderful uncle. However, I know his proclivity for the taste of baby animals, which is why he's not allowed much time alone with The Quartet while developing his sauce.

The Saucier said...

I prefer cantankerous to crotchety.

Kristy said...

I think what he's trying to say without getting into trouble is that my kids are too far up my ass to ever be away from me. And that is somewhat true until they are about three years old. However, i also just don't like to ask anyone to watch them, because then not only will people be able to say "Holy shit she has FOUR kids," but they will follow it with "And she's always trying to gump them off on people."

Oh, and the fact that Toby and I agree that the Barbecue Shop sucks means it must be a cosmic truth, because we so rarely agree on food-related matters.

Kristy said...

Crap, that is supposed to say "DUMP them off on people" not "gump." Why aren't comments editable?

Tunky said...

Entertaining read, when I move to Memphis I'm obviously going to have to study up on this whole BBQ phenomenon. Oh...and thanks for yet another shoe site to feed my addiction!

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