Monday, August 20, 2007

One down

On Saturday, Warren and I woke up bright and early to paint the monkeys' bedroom while they were away at Camp Gigi. After staring at paint spots on the ceiling of our old house for seven years, Warren made me promise that I would try and do a good job on our new house.

He carefully sanded the walls while I taped, then we decided that I would use a roller on the main parts of the wall while he did the edge work. Soon we had a tight system. It took us a really long time due to the flat paint on the walls sucking up massive amounts of our Regale blue paint. (It took two full gallons of Sherwin Williams paint to do two coats.)

Before we started Warren asked me how long I thought it would take to do one coat. I naively said, "An hour and a half."


Let's just say that by the time Camp Gigi was over, we were ready for some reinforcements. Jiro fell asleep before he ever got home, so we enlisted Satchel.

It only took him about 5 seconds to "accidentally" touch the wall, get paint all over his hand, and then rub it on his new Ben 10 shirt. After a wardrobe change, he was able to help for about 15 more seconds before being asked to leave.

Soon after, we found him sound asleep in the world's most uncomfortable position on the sofa:

By 11:00pm we had the room all painted, cleaned, and rearranged. We moved both monkeys into their bed and crawled into ours thoroughly exhausted.

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Chip said...

I sometimes sleep like that too.

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