Friday, August 17, 2007

Punch Buggy

Back in the seventies we played a game called "My Van" on roadtrips. The game was easy: The first person to spot a van simply called "My van!" We never actually kept score. It was thrilling just being the first to spot a van on the road before one of our fellow passengers.

These days the kids all play "Punch Buggy." The rules are simple: The first person to see a VW bug yells "Punch buggy!" and punches the person next to him/her.

"Punch Buggy" has been evolving for us over the last few weeks and has become quite complex.

Team Oster "Punch Buggy" House (Car) Rules:

1. No punching!

2. You must call out the color of the buggy for it to count.

3. You must have at least one witness who also saw the buggy in order for it to count.

4. If you see a PT Cruiser you may yell "Punch Cruiser ____ (insert color)" for one point assuming you have a witness as in rule #3. (For some reason the boys think PT Cruisers look a lot like VW bugs.)

5. If you see a Prius you get 10 points.

6. If you see a Hummer you can deduct 5 points from one of your opponents.

7. You may yell, "I'm not playing!" if you feel that you should have been the first to spot the VW Bug, PT Cruiser, Prius, or Hummer.

8. You may opt to "not play" for as long as you like (which is usually equal to the time it takes to spot a new VW Bug, PT Cruiser, Prius, or Hummer).


Shannon said...

we used to play punch buggy when i was a kid. no punching?

RJA said...

I can't get past Rule #1.

Secret Agent Mom said...

Yeah, Rule #1 sort of defeats the entire purpose of the game. It's not named after a fruity party beverage.

Stephanie said...

We called it slug bug. But I seem to remember we kept a running totaly of how many bugs we saw a week or something. Or maybe that was just me and my early onset OCD.

warren said...

Well, it was either No-punch Buggy or Huggy buggy.

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