Thursday, August 09, 2007

Patriot Lake

Last Saturday the boys' school organized a bike ride at Shelby Farms. We met at Patriot Lake and did a lap in the blazing sun. (The ride was scheduled for 9am, but I lobbied for 10am, which meant we actually started around 10:30am.) The Ice Cream Man was already out in full force.

Satchel was very proud to be training wheel free, especially when he saw that some of the "big kids" were not. Jiro was only concerned with how he was going to score some ice cream.

I loaned my bike (that Warren usually rides) to Team Alley and opted not to skate due to my broken finger, so Warren and I were on foot. Satchel darted ahead and we stayed with Jiro and the other slow pokes. Kelly & Elena (pictured below) weren't technically slow, they were just hanging back to simultaneously show off their tight system and make sure none of the slow pokes needed a fast person to bolt ahead for some reason. (Notice Ms. F in the back in her matching helmet, shades, and bike! She was bringing up the rear due to her daughter's insistence on stopping every five feet.) Did I mention how hot it was?

Jiro made it about half way around the lake before declaring himself done. Warren, crazy from the heat, decide to do a little riding until Jiro got his second wind. (Or decided he really did want to see the Ice Cream Man at the end of the rainbow.)

We eventually made it back to the starting point and found Satchel happily exploring the waters as though he were still at the beach. He excitedly reported finding several clams and a dead fish.

He was so absorbed with the murky waters that he didn't even notice us repeatedly begging him to get in the car. Nor did he have an inkling that we moved the car 300 feet away in an attempt to make him believe we had left him. After 20 minutes of observing him from afar and wondering where the F the Ice Cream Man went now that we needed him, we finally gave up and drove back over to where Satchel was and commenced begging. By noon we were all soaked in sweat and desperately seeking an A/C unit. (Sorry Al!)

This week the bike ride is going to be at Rainbow Lake in Overton Park if anyone wants to come!

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