Wednesday, August 29, 2007

Show and Tell

While Warren prepared the Curry Shrimp Feast, I tackled the "wall of boxes" that has been living in our dining room since the day we moved in...over five months ago. The boxes contain our rather large collection of books, magazines, scrapbooks, African objets, and extraneous kitchen supplies.

When dinner was over, I convinced Warren to heave a number of these heavy boxes up the 9ft attic stairs. The last item in the "wall of boxes" was Warren's foot locker. We lost the key somewhere along the way and weren't really even sure what all was inside. Warren got out his Swiss Army knife and picked the lock. Inside was a treasure trove of Cameroonian drinking horns, swords, prayer beads, passport masks, and old letters.

Warren called Satchel over to check out the goods. As you can imagine, he was psyched.

The size of the sword made me somewhat uneasy. Especially when Jiro grabbed it and immediately swung it into our new dining room table!!

He took out a tiny little chunk that thankfully isn't too noticeable, but dang. We packed all the weapons back up, locked the box, and hoisted it up to safety in the attic.

Oh and speaking of furniture, I was thrilled by all of the comments on my sofa post! A new record! Thanks to all the great input, we were actually able to make a decision. We made a third and final sojourn to Scan where we decided that we didn't really like any of the sofas. Then we went to Macy's and found the perfect one!

Oh how I wanted to order it in white. (Excuse me, pearl.) But we went for the only other choice: chocolate brown. We also got a matching chair and ottoman.

I can hardly wait.

Meanwhile, we're trying to create the perfect flor to break up all the brown.


Stephanie said...

That is exactly what I pictured for your dining room! The couch looks great too. When I move, I want you to pick out all my furniture!

Elizabeth Alley said...

love the table!

Catherine said...

I love the new furniture. We have the SAME dining room table and chairs, though we have a bench that goes with it too. Hmm, great minds!

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