Sunday, September 23, 2007

Farmers' Market

I'm really embarrassed to admit that yesterday was the first time that we've been to the Memphis Farmers Market all year! It was really great, and I hope to get back a few more times before it ends in October.

I was really impressed by how far it has come since last year. The vendors are top notch and there was waaaaaaaaaaay more to choose from than I remembered from last year. I especially liked seeing local mama vendors like Uele, the granola goddess, and Kathleen, who is making homemade ice cream and sorbet. Speaking of mamas, they were everywhere! I saw one mama I hadn't seen since Jiro was in diapers and I was spending the bulk of my days at Mothersville.

It wasn't hard to see why the market is so popular with families. There was an abundance of fresh food, live music, multiple kid-friendly crafts, and clean bathrooms! Mr. Mike, the balloon maker who also works at Joe's Crab Shack, is a master of balloon-istry. Flowers, penguins, name it, he can make it. The Art Center was also sponsoring a "coloring dog" that featured large pads of paper and an assortment of crayons and markers. There were some brightly colored hula hops lying around, a woman hosting a "veggie finger puppet" station, and the Dixon Art-to-Grow bus.

Satchel and I took a quick turn with the hula hoops before someone handed us chalk and encouraged us to join in the free style section of the Chalk Art Festival. Had it not been a scorching day, I think we could have made a masterpiece. Instead, we opted to do a quick ocean scene. (I was very pleased to note that Satchel sticks his tongue out when he draws just like I do.)

I'm going to pay much closer attention to the upcoming events at the market and plan to be more regular visitor. (I also plan to bring a lot more money next time!) Oct 20 and 27th look especially fun...

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