Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Library

Tonight I took the monkeys to Old Navy to purchase some pants that do not have holes in the knees. As we drove down Poplar, Satchel said, "I want to go to the library. I haven't been to the library in a long time."

Being the nice (skinnyish fat) mommy that I am, I made a pit stop at the library on our way home. I naively assumed that we'd go in, pick out a book or two, and head home.

I laid down the rules before we went in:
1. No running
2. No screaming
3. No computer

We took a little ride in the elevator, checked out the escalator, made a brief pass at the books, and then, you guessed it, ended up at one of the computers. Thankfully there was no Internet. (The monkeys are addicted to a very aggravating Ben 10 game.) The three of us very calmly played a treasure hunt game that required us all to use our thinking caps. Not surprisingly it was Jiro who ultimately figured out the secret of the hidden treasure.

On our way out, we did a little tree hugging and made a final voyage in the elevator and on the escalator before heading outside to surf the scrolls.

We got no books.

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