Wednesday, September 19, 2007

This Morning

Satchel was getting dressed and he happily reported, "Oscar and I had on the same socks yesterday."

I said, "Oscar's mommy must shop at Target like your mommy."

"Did you see a skinny girl with blonde hair when you were there?" he asked.

"Why? Is that what Oscar's mommy looks like?"

He nodded.

"If someone asked you what your mommy looked like, what would you say?" I asked.

He grinned up at me from the floor and finally said, "A skinnyish fat girl with black hair."

I laughed as I walked to the kitchen to relay this information to Warren. He called out to Satchel, "How would you describe your daddy?"

Satchel quickly responded, "A muscle-y man with black hair."

Clearly Warren is getting the better descriptors.

This of course led to a discussion of how we would describe Satchel and Jiro. Warren, still enjoying the thought of my description said, "I tell people that Satchel is the one in the corner screaming like a little girl and Jiro's the one in the other corner with soap in his mouth."

They thought this was hilarious.


Chip said...

You were just ASKING for it by inquiring into how Satchel would describe you. Setting yourself up to be knocked down!

warren said...

Chip, you should have heard how he described you--I did not know he possesses such a colorful vocabulary.

RJA said...

F-ing Montessori vocabulary.

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