Sunday, September 30, 2007

Mission Completion!

We spent the bulk of Saturday finishing the monkeys' bedroom. We ordered them an unfinished wood bunkbed about six weeks ago. We picked it up two weeks ago, and Warren has been busy sanding and staining in the evenings.

Thankfully, it was amazingly easy to put together. Almost as easy as constructing the matching Flor. As a final touch, we moved in our old kitchen table and the monkeys' Kinderzeats so they'll have a place to color and do puzzles (among other things).

I saved a nice big spot for the bean bag should Warren ever decide that it doesn't need to reside in our living room.

The monkeys were absolutely thrilled with the results and immediately wanted to invite everyone they know over. (Satchel set up "guest beds" for S, JP, and C on the floor.) After Friday's activities Warren and I made a team effort to convince them that it would be much more fun to have their friends come over some other day. Somehow, it worked.

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I should say that the room is 99% done. I do hope to have Warren build custom shelves someday.

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