Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Rock-N-Romp Recap

Wow, we TOTALLY lucked out on the weather Saturday. After rain all day Thursday and Friday and a dismal forecast, I thought for sure we'd be romping at the Strings & Things! Instead we had several hours of sunshine and light in which to take over the Murphys' lovely backyard.

However, once I stopped worrying about the weather, I started worrying about our attendance. At 2:00pm we only had a spattering of regulars setting up their blankets and filling their beer cups.

Everyone else stayed calm, and by 3:00pm we had our usual mob of music lovers. (Is 2:00pm too close to nap time? Should we start at 3:00pm?)

It was nice to see some new faces--even some intergenerational ones! My mom, my niece and nephew made their first ever RnR appearance, as did some other rockin grandparents. (Hi Bwana!)

The Junkyard gang came with lots of materials for making instruments and, best of all, paint! The kids loved it and kept quite busy.

(Look for the Junkyard gang at Cooper Young this weekend. They are having the kids build a city out of boxes!)

Caleb Sweazy, a recent Memphis transplant and Rock-n-Romp poster dad, took the "stage" first. All those late nappers missed out!

The Arch Rivals were up next and confessed that this was the largest audience they'd ever played for!

(I found them totally charming until Quinn called me "Mam" later in the afternoon!!!)

Last but not least, we had Those Darlins from Murfreesboro. They are an old time country band specializing in Carter family songs. They are also the women responsible for bringing The Southern Girls Rock-n-Roll Camp to Memphis. It was really awesome to see them, especially now that they are all living in the same house and coordinating their outfits!

Beautiful weather, awesome music, activities for the kids, free beer...what more could anyone ask for? Kool-aid pickles? Well, we had those too.

Satchel and Jiro--and all the other "regular" kids seem to be less and less interested in the music and activities. They spent most of the afternoon showing off their Ben 10 toys, scaling the wall by the port-a-potty, and climbing the tree in the front yard. I'm not sure if we need to bring in some kids' music, talk to the musicians about interacting more with the kids, or just accept that no matter how cool I am, the monkeys will just instinctively do their own thing.

We'll see how it goes in October.

See more RnR pictures here.


Chip said...

Wow, great pics! :)

And yeah, something needs to be done to make the kids pay more attention to the music! Maybe you could walk around with a ruler, slapping palms...

Ginger said...

And yes, starting at 3 would be much better . . . when we wake Walt up to bring him, he is a total grump and NO FUN!

naomi said...

I prefer 3pm too, because there ain't no way I'm waking my girl from her nap! Luckily she awoke in time for us to see Caleb Sweazy.

It would be nice if the musicians interacted with the kids. And maybe they could amp down the sound a little? When the Arch Rivals came on... well... they sounded great, but the kids grabbed their ears and scattered like buckshot.

What is the sippy-cup crowd listening to these days? My baby enjoys any music with a strong beat but she really goes crazy over hip-hop and soul/funk. She likes to shake it like a Polaroid picture.

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