Friday, September 07, 2007

Happy Birthday Freddie!

My Aunt Junnie, has recently become with Freddie Mercury thanks to the magic of late night TV and DVDs. So smitten, that she decided to have a birthday party for him this past week, even though he couldn't attend. (He did send flowers!) My mom was invited and sent me the following report. (She even learned how to use Flickr so that she could share her pictures!) Please note that she has incorporated Freddie's song titles into her report.

To set the scene, my aunt lives outside of Oklahoma City on a "ranch" where she rides horses. Inside her stable, she has an "English Pub" where she throws parties. Most of the men in attendance work on the ranch in one form or another. My uncle stayed at the house and pretended that nothing unusual was going on.

Friends will be Friends
by Julie Greenberg, guest blogger

A Kind of Magic occurred on September 5, 2007 in OKC when Judie B. (You're My Best Friend!) was struck by that Crazy Little Thing Called Love. Under Pressure, she arranged for a gathering of Fat Bottomed Girls and some Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy(s) to celebrate The Miracle of Freddie Mercury, his talent and his amazing group Killer QUEEN!

Friends will be Friends when they Play The Game with you. Judie, who we all feared was in a state (I'm Going Slightly Mad), had One Vision "The Show Must Go On!" Don't Save Me, Don't Stop Me Now, said Judie, This is a Breakthru. I've found Somebody to Love. Flash - Another One Bites the Dust as champagne flowed and the Bohemian(s) Rhapsodized in chorus, I Want It All! The group drove Headlong into party-mode expecting the Hammer to Fall the next day. After all It's a Hard Life, but Who Wants to Live Forever?

You might have thought that Freddie was The Invisible Man at this party but, through the miracle of DVD concerts, We Will Rock You was the order of the day. We Are the Champions sang Freddie, Brian, Roger and John, and everyone agreed.

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