Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Let's Shake on It

So most of you have met Jiro right? (Or at least feel like you know him through this blog, right?) What three words would you use to describe him? Bold, mischievous, rowdy? Am I close?

This morning when I dropped the boys off, they did their usual "cling maneuver" right outside the door where Ms. N. sits. I've never really been sure if the clinging is because they just love me so much that they can't imagine spending a single moment away from me, or if it is because they fear Ms. N.

Ms. N is from Sri Lanka and trained at the Maria Montessori institute (or something) and is very old skool Montessori. She likes for the students to shake her hand when they walk in. (I'm told this is textbook--or whatever the equivalent term is--Montessori methodology.) It's a little intimidating. For months, Satchel insisted that we go late to school so that he could skip this morning ritual. My feeling is that most students prefer to slink in and act invisible until they've gotten their school day bearings.

At least my two do.

I can usually encourage the monkeys to hold hands and brave Ms. N's shake together. While they look down to see where the other's hand is, I usually bolt out the front door.

This morning when I was giving each monkey their final hug (they have to get equal hugs or THE WHOLE DAY IS RUINED!) when Ms. N. called out to me.

"This one here..." she says, pointing to Jiro.

I gulp, wide-eyed, bracing myself.

" a pleasure to work with."


"He is such a good worker," she says.

I can't help but smile.

"He has a wonderful memory," she says pointing to her own head.


I give Jiro an extra hug and tell him I am proud of him and then I give Satchel an extra hug, and then one more for Jiro, one for Satchel, then a final double hug. As I am bolting out the door, I turn back to see Jiro walk over to shake Ms. N's hand.

She grins big at him and shakes his hand only for a second or two before embracing him in a big smiley hug.

I'm still amazed. And somewhat speechless, although you can't tell from this post!

Picture hijacked from the Chockley flickrness.


Secret Agent Mom said...

Ms. N seems so tough, but she's got a heart the size of the Asian subcontinent.

jamie said...

At Fe's nursery school in England they had to shake hands as they left and say "good afternoon (or morning) Miss Beckett" Which he did, in his clear and high pitched american accent, and it charmed the other mums. He also got the whole class saying things like "cool" "awesome" and "good job" which the mums were *not* charmed by.

RJA said...

Lying to parents? Also textbook Montessori (or whatever the equivalent is).

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