Saturday, October 20, 2007

Footloose and Monkeyfree

Last night both monkeys got invited to Kai's house for a backyard campout. They had been anticipating it all week and hardly even noticed when Warren got back in town Friday afternoon.

Instead of being insulted, we decided to live it up. We had big plans for the evening--shopping at Aldi, a secret mission to Kinko's, and then dinner at the Mollie Fontaine Lounge.

As we walked up the steps of the Mollie Fontaine lounge, two employees were standing out front smoking. "A transformer blew, so we have no power. Can't promise you any food, but come have a drink," one of them said sweetly.


I calmly looked at Warren and said, "MLGW's average outage time is less than an hour."

We went into the candlelit house and took the only two seats at the bar. The place was packed and no one seemed to mind the lack of electricity or food. I had a yummy Blueberry Mojito and and Warren ordered a Bloody Mary with organic vodka. We had a nice chat with the bartender and perused the menu (which looked awesome).

Once we had a nice little buzz and MLGW still hadn't shown up, I turned to Warren and said, "The only thing that can quell my disappointment is dinner at Spindini."

"What's Spindini?" he asked.

"It's good," I said.

And we were off.

At 8:30pm Spindini was packed, but we managed to get a cocktail table by the front window. We immediately ordered a couple of Morettis on tap and took in the ambiance. Warren thought the TVs were tacky and the volume was a bit much, but once we started eating, we were in love. I'm going to save the juicy details for my recommended dish in the Flyer, but I will say that I tried an oyster for the first time, and oh my god, yum! Why did I think I didn't like them? The pizza reminded me of Pierotti's, which is a HUGE compliment. And by the time our gorgonzola stuffed filet arrived, I was sure I couldn't eat anymore, but I did. We continuously amazed our waitress with our ability to clean a plate. Speaking of our waitress, she was EXCELLENT. And coming from me, that is really saying something. She made our dining experience 100% enjoyable.

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