Saturday, October 20, 2007

Trees Please

I spent most of the day at VECA's Forest Faire. I was actually there for work, but it was one of those rare occasions when work doesn't seem like work.

The event, in it's third year, was really great. The weather was magnificent and as Don Richardson of the Sierra Club and Park Friends said "The cream of the crop of community activists" were all in attendance.

I saw lots of people I know from various organizations, met some knew ones, and even got to hear one of them sing and play guitar quite awesomely. And if that weren't enough, I'm pretty sure I recruited a new mama into the roller derby.

Warren brought the kids by to check things out. There was a tree planting demonstration, a tree sale, a make-your-own-tree-costume station, free food, and drinks, but once the monkeys had a cookie, all they wanted to do was ride bikes on the Greenline.

After visiting the Germantown Greenline, it seemed a little shabby, but considering it is in the heart of Midtown, it is awesome. The trail is mostly gravel so it isn't skateboard or roller skate friendly, but walking and bikes are welcome. (Actually Jiro's training wheels held him up a bit on this terrain.) The V&E Greenline features an arboretum and a really nice view of Lick Creek. (It looks a lot better here than it does by our old house in Overton Square!) The Greenline also afforded us many opportunities to practice our "Look before you cross the road" regimen.

Considering there were a million things going on today, I think there was a pretty decent turnout at the Forest Faire. But, I hope more people come next year! Who knows, maybe Al will come!


Courtney said...

shabby! You break my heart. I run the greenline at least once a week and in the pre-dawn light it doesn't look the least bit shabby. glad to hear it was a good time. We planned on going, but piano moving took much longer than expected. I do want to check out the wolf river trail .....

Candice said...

We were sad to miss this event. We're not very good VECA residents yet! But next time you're on the Greenline, stop by and see us!!

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