Thursday, November 01, 2007

Happy Halloween!

We really like dressing up for Halloween. And when I say "we" I mean Satchel, Jiro, and Warren. Especially if it involves face paint.

This Halloween the boys actually chose rather subdued costumes--they each dressed up like little boys that they watch on TV. Jiro was Ash, Pikachu's trainer on Pokemon Diamond and Pearl and Satchel was Ben 10, from Ben 10.

Warren had visions of obscure Clockwork Orange people and other more exciting creatures, but the boys held fast to their decisions. Warren had planned to not dress up, since the boys were being so boring, but a last minute hat sighting at the Asian market inspired him to dress up as a "Zen Master."

He was quite the conversation piece amongst our Vietnamese neighbors and I found it quite fun that he decided to talk like Yoda all night.

We started the festivities off in our own neighborhood. I walked the boys down to the far end of the street just before dark, so that we would waste no time. We picked up their little friend, Jack, along the way. There are a lot of kids on our street and I had anticipated a lot of activity, but there was realy only one or two other groups of children trick or treating and very few houses actually had their lights on. This, however, did not stop the boys from having a great time and amassing a fairly large amount of candy.

We made it back to our house around 7pm to news from Warren that not a single trick or treater had stopped by. When I explained that there weren't many out and that every single house near our end of the street was pitch black he cheered up a little...or at least didn't take it so personally.

Anyways, this news added six bags of candy to the boys overall stash!

Not content to "just" trick or treat in our hood, we drove over to Evergreen to meet up with some friends, and apparently most of the city's youth population. It was really quite fun to have so many trick or treaters around and it inspired me to try and get our neighborhood more in the spirit of things next year.

As we were driving over Warren asked me if any of the other parents were dressing up. "Uh, I seriously doubt it," I said obviously forgetting that I had sent Kristy off with a bag full of my derby attire. (She even had some authentic bruises to match!)

We ended the evening at a party at our school director's house featuring tangerine martinis, a baked potato bar, and yummy homemade pumpkin pie. If Warren didn't have to get up at 4:00am to drive 3 hours to work, we could have easily stayed out all night.


Chip said...

Warren looks awesome!

If Connor had wanted to trick or treat at more than 3 houses, we would've run into you guys.

Kristy said...

What, you couldn't find a more hideous picture of me to post? WTF??

Kristy said...

Dude. Seriously! Please make it stop!

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