Tuesday, October 30, 2007


On Sunday we made our annual trek to Priddy Farms with our favorite bloggers to pick out pumpkins, take family photos, and talk smack about the swing hogs and the little girls dressed as brides for Halloween.

Satchel especially loved the hayride this year because he got to jump off the back like a big shot. (A boy jumped off last year and impressed all the kids, so naturally Satchel wanted to be that boy this year.)

Jiro, who was feeling much better after puking three times in the toilet and not on me for the first time ever enjoyed the hayride as well.

Both monkeys picked out their own pumpkins, as did Warren. (I just made lewd comments about the well-hung gourds).

This evening we decorated the porch with said pumpkins, a few spider webs, apple monsters, and some pretty orange lights. (Since it took us so long to actually decorate for Halloween, I imagine we'll leave them up til Thanksgiving at least.)

Warren got his inspiration from one of our favorite picture books,
Play with Your Food.

Tomorrow we dress up and hit the streets in search of sweets! Maybe even our very own street for the first time in post-kid Halloween history!


Chip said...

Now THAT is a cool-lookin' pumpkin.

Stephanie said...

Those look great!

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