Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rock-n-Romp Recap

Ok, I know there was a lot going on Saturday, but I have to say that if you missed the Rock-n-Romp, you should be SAD.


The kids were all dressed up and busy rocking out, painting Junkyard boxes, tattooing themselves, and having a wild time as usual. The parents were enjoying some much needed sunshine, cold beer, and incredible music. The Butlers' had the yard all Halloweened up, and Colin kept everyone entertained with his multiple costumes.

Rae Ray was up first and immediately drew the kids in with a tale of underwater love between a shark and an octopus. (I won't ruin the ending for you!)

The next thing I knew, a pint-sized Dorothy was on stage playing backup kazoo. And best of all, the parents who had realized we didn't have any ear plugs to pass out, collectively made a sign of relief. The volume was just perfect.

Next up was the oh so smooth and easy on the eyes, Arma Secreta.

I had never had a chance to hear them play live and was once again amazed by Robby's ability to book kick ass bands again and again. They were a little louder than Rae Ray but still very "oops I forgot my earplugs" friendly.

And now for the really good part...which definitely required ear plugs and/or desensitized ear drums!!

When I first imagined Rock-n-Romp, The Subteens were on stage doing their rendition of the Ramones' Blitzkrieg Bop. Everyone said it would never happen, but on Saturday it did.

With one exception.

I always figured my two monkeys would be up front rocking out, but instead, one was feverish and passed out next to me while the other was being joyfully rolled around the yard in a cardboard box by the skinniest Spider-man I ever saw. (Yes, Jiro has fallen asleep at nearly every single RnR this season! And he doesn't usually nap on weekends! WTF?)

But you know what? It was still freaking too good to be true. Those dudes can rock!! As Shiloh said, "Uh, that right there, that's what it's all about!"

Just look at Mark! I had no idea what he was capable of when I first laid eyes on him in 1991!

Terrance and Bubba started the season off with The River City Tanlines, ended it with the Subteens, and said they'd happily play again with whatever band they have going at the time. I can hardly wait for next season! We're kicking around some ideas to take Rock-n-Romp to the next level. Woo-hoo!

Created with Admarket's flickrSLiDR.

All of the really good pictures were taken by Chip!


Cathy White said...

You guys have too much fun. I think we need to move there or at least visit! I can never see those picture plug-in things you've got on your site :(

Kristy said...

I vote for Arma Secreta to play at every R-n-R. But yes, all the bands were awesome and The Subteens definitely stole the show.

gatesofmemphis said...

We had a great time, our favorite RnR yet. And we still have our tattoos -- my son's bug tattoo hasn't washed off, neither has my pirate.

It was nice meetin' you.

happy halloween!

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