Sunday, December 09, 2007

Not to confuse you...

It's that time of year again--that Hanukah time of year. As you may or may not know, Hanukah moves around the calendar since the Jewish calendar uses lunar months. It lasts eight days and some years it overlaps with Christmas. However, since Christmas seems to start Nov. 1st we've had the most mixed up Hanukah ever.

Here's a run down of this year's Hanukah activities to date:

Sunday last: Jaunt up to the attic in search of the menorah, and score! We even have some candles eliminating the need to drive out east to the "Jewish" Schnuck's. Convince Warren to wait on putting up the tree (that he bought last year when I was confined to the sofa with a broken leg) until after Hanukah. No need to confuse the kids, right?

Monday: Realize Hanukah actually starts on Tuesday. (The Greenberg Family Calendar actually has it starting Wednesday. Nothing a quick Google search can't fix.)

Tuesday: Everyone is a little cranky after work/school and I'm running late for practice. Pretend I didn't do that Google search afterall.

Wednesday: Have lunch with my mom at the Women's Exchange and end up strolling through their Holly Jolly gift shop. Purchase two ornaments for the monkeys to take to school as requested. (As I am getting rung up, I notice the "made in China" tags on them. "I thought you only featured local artists," I said to the check out lady. "Mostly local," she says.) Light candles after dinner with one VERY excited monkey, and one mildly interested monkey. Give each monkey their ornament--a crab for Satchel and a pickle for Jiro--and feel kind of dumb for actually giving them Christmas trinkets for Hanukah.

Thursday: Attend the Pink Palace members party. Watch Santa vs. The Snowman on IMAX and then visit Santa in the Enchanted Forest.

(Coincidentally we ran across Mrs. Crowder's 4th grade class's entry into the Gingerbread House contest that she told me was inspired by Warren's visit to her classroom a few months ago!)

Discuss mounting a Festivus Pole rather than a Christmas tree. Light candles at home before going to bed.

Friday: Register Team Oster for the World Series of Dreidel at the JCC Dec. 10th. Coincidentally the Monkeys have "Hanukah day" at school and come home master dreidel players! Later at Warren's office Xmas party, the monkeys accidentally delete all of Warren's work photos from the week's dig. No candles. No presents. Threaten to call Santa and cancel all incoming gifts slated for December 25th.

Saturday: Shop for outfits for school program next week. Satchel needs a black suit and Jiro needs an Ox costume. Satchel sings a song about Bethlehem in the backseat. Eat dinner at the Chinese buffet and Warren rips out the Ox from the Chinese zodiac placemat for inspiration. Light candles at home, the babysitter brings each monkey a small gift and homemade cookies.

Sunday: Attend the Brooks Museum Festival of Lights with the entire Breeder population of midtown. Peek in on the Dreidel station, buy $2 light up necklaces, drink hot chocolate, and then hang around out front for a bit. Satchel sees his best friend from his old school. They run around and play for awhile. Before saying good-bye Satchel lifts his pant leg, takes off a WWJD neon green bracelet he has around his ankle and gives it to said friend. (I can only assume the bracelet came from one of the vending machines at the skating rink.) Light candles at home with extended family.

I'm really banking on the World Series of Dreidel "saving" Hanukah tomorrow.


Secret Agent Mom said...

Thanks to her pre-school, Miss M has a better understanding of the dreidel (and, come to think of it, Hebrew) than an entire college semester of Intro to Judaism gave me.

archaeologist seeking employment said...

Accidentally deleted...

...As in accidentally playing with the camera after being instructed not to do so.

...Accidentally taking the camera down from the top shelf.

...Accidentally turning on the camera and selecting the review mode.

...Accidentally hitting the delete button.

...Accidentally selecting the "delete all photos" category.

...Accidentally selecting "YES" in answer to the "Are you sure?" prompt.

...Accidentally changing the language setting to Espanol, I could only presume in an effort to cover up their deed.

...Accidentally taking a photo of Jiro doing his deletion celebration dance.

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