Friday, January 18, 2008

100 Things

1. I've been reluctant to do the "100 Things" meme that all the cool kids are doing because I feel like people know enough about me from my zine, 4 blogs, etc.
2. I'm very competitive and therefore not one to turn down a challenge.
3. Despite being an open book type, I would never reveal the really juicy bits of my persona on the freaking internet!
4. I really suck at keeping secrets. I generally regard secrets as silly and think that everything is best out in the open.
5. Obviously, the only exception to this rule is if the secret involves me.
6. I can actually keep a secret, but I need to specifically be told that it is a secret and understand the reasons why it must be kept that way.
7. I hate being lied to.
8. If you lie to me and I find out, I will probably never ever trust you again.
9. I can usually tell when someone is lying to me and will more often than not call them out on it.
10. This might seem paradoxical, but I am a very trusting person and will believe what you tell me is true, even despite evidence to the contrary.
11. I am loyal to a fault.
12. There are very few circumstances in which I won't tell you exactly what I am thinking. Sometimes I won't even need words.
13. I have always enjoyed writing. Before the internet, I was the world's best pen pal.
14. One of the hardest parts about making this list is that I feel like it should be in order and I have had to re-order it several times.
15. I type with two fingers, but am still rather speedy.
16. Sometimes I type so fast that my pointer finger aches.
17. I am a good speller, but have always tanked at spelling bees.
18. I don't think that rampant typos on this blog should make anyone think that 17 is a lie.
19. I have a horrible memory.
20. I carry a notebook with me at all times and have to make notes in it often or I will forget things that I want to remember.
21. I like Apica notebooks in all sizes. (They make really, really small ones!)
22. My favorite pens are black uni-balls. (That sounds dirty.)
23. Since becoming a parent, I am obsessed with non-fiction.
24. I read a ton of magazines and zines. (The Sun is my favorite magazine. Brain, Child is second. Miranda and The Future Generation are my favorite zines.)
25. I have a stack of unread (non-fiction) books next to my bed.
26. The only books I have read front to back in a timely fashion recently are Derby Girl, which Elizabeth gave to me at Christmas, and Kristy's copy of the first Harry Potter.
27. Based on #26, maybe I am sick of non-fiction books.
28. I love reality TV and always have.
29. Every year for Christmas, prior to becoming a parent, I would request a copy of the latest "Behind the Scenes" book from the current season of "The Real World" and read it cover to cover Christmas day.
30. Now my favorite show is Survivor. I'm not ashamed to admit it. (America's Next Top Model and Project Runway are close seconds.)
31. I love going to the movies.
32. I prefer to go alone, but enjoy going with Warren. It's also fun to take the kids. Sometimes.
33. I like movies that make me cry more than I like movies that make me laugh. (Platoon and The Big Chill are two of my favorites. Oh, and Sliding Doors.)
34. I think that I should have more current movies on my favorite list, but I don't.
35. I don't get to go to the movies nearly as much as I would like.
36. Until recently, I would always order nachos at the movies. (And sneak in a can of Diet Dr. Pepper.)
37. I like to sit behind the handicapped railing so I can prop my feet on it.
38. If there's no railing, I will sit fifth row from the front, in the center.
39. If someone I don't know sits too close to me in a movie theater I will get up and move.
40. If I could only listen to one CD for the rest of my life, it would be "Blue" by Joni Mitchell.
41. I often bite off more than I can chew. (Not literally.)
42. I try too hard to make everyone around me happy.
43. I reserve the right to change my mind about something as often as I want.
44. I reserve the right to cancel everything at the last minute.
45. I assume people will still like me as long as 40 & 41 don't get too out of control.
46. Despite changing my mind a lot, I think that most people would characterize me as dependable.
47. I like tattoos but don't think I'll ever get one.
44. Unless something completely horrific happened, then I might.
45. I believe in global warming.
46. I believe in the human spirit to overcome it. (Cue sappy music)
47. I suck at doing housework.
48. I can keep the house "neat," but not clean.
49. I hate driving.
50. I will go out of my way to get other people to drive me places if at all possible.
51. Other people like to drive me places because they do not think that I am a good driver.
52. Growing up I was an extremely picky eater. (The kind who would bring McDonald's to Taco Bell where the rest of her family was eating.)
53. I consider myself to be an adventurous eater even though Warren disagrees.
54. I just don't think I will ever like cooked spinach.
55. Even though many might say I am a food writer I would argue that I am a writer who likes to eat.
56. I used to think going to eat at a restaurant all by myself was the worst thing ever, but now I enjoy it. (Not prefer, but enjoy.)
57. I come from a long line of people who do not cook well.
58. I love being a mom.
59. Sometimes I even think I'm good at it.
60. I love being married to Warren.
61. Sometimes I even think he likes being married to me.
62. I can be pretty difficult to live with.
63. I'm resisting the urge to put these things in a better order.
64. I don't get nearly as much sleep as I would like to.
65. It makes me cranky--especially between the hours of 8-10pm. Then I get my second wind.
66. I am usually early to everything. At least 10-15 minutes.
67. If Warren or the kids are involved, I am usually 30 minutes to one hour late.
68. I really do not like dressing up.
69. I think Clinton, Stacy, and a $5000 Visa card could change that.
70. I probably have fewer clothes than anyone you know.
71. I like wearing a few things over and over again. I call this my uniform.
72. I like to clean out my closet on a regular basis and give the cast-offs away. (Usually to my mom or my sister.)
73. Warren has more pairs of shoes than I do.
74. Striped socks are the ultimate accessory.
75. I am so happy the Internet exists.
76. Growing up I was really boy crazy.
77. I do not like speaking foreign languages.
78. When I do, I refuse to use the proper accent.
79. I don't think disinterest in something should be confused with laziness.
80. I think joining the Peace Corps was the best thing I ever did.
81. I don't think I ever would have had the balls to join the Peace Corps had I not blindly taken off for Israel one summer with my best friend Hope in college.
82. I think Rhodes was worth every penny.
83. I look forward to traveling a lot when the boys are older.
84. The worst thing that ever happened to me was having my dad die unexpectedly.
85. Sometimes Warren or one of the boys (or even complete strangers) remind me of my dad and I like it a lot (even if they remind me of one of his poorer qualities).
86. After my dad died I used to go stand in his closet and smell his clothes.
87. It took a really long time for them to lose his scent.
88. Warren's pillow smells like my dad.
89. It's kind of a smell-y smell, but I like it anyway.
90. I try not to be scared of things. Even big things.
91. It's not always easy.
92. I have had more than one person tell me that I choose the path of least resistance whenever possible.
93. I think scary movies are stupid and I know to prepare myself when they play that stupid music that usually leads up to the scariest part.
94. Sometimes I wish I could do high school over, knowing what I know now.
95. And college too.
96. But I'm still really happy about how I turned out.
97. I am not really happy about the order of this list.
98. Someday I would like to not have to work so much.
99. There is nothing quite as awesome as hindsight.
100. Except what lies ahead.


Kristy said...

See, that wasn't so hard! I wanna know what the really juicy bits are now, though. This will involve getting you loaded at the next available opportunity.

Stephanie said...

I am totally with you on #49 and #50. I hate driving.

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