Thursday, January 17, 2008

Clean Teeth

The monkeys finally had their first visit to the dentist's office. Jiro had some espresso in the waiting area while Satchel had X-rays and a cleaning.

Satchel was the model patient. He hardly made a peep! Was it because Dr. Rump is so lovely? Or because he was watching "Happy Feet" on the flat screen TV above his head?

Jiro was a little apprehensive about having his teeth cleaned, so I got to assist him. (No complaints from me thanks to the massaging chair!)

Satchel just couldn't get enough of "Happy Feet."

Overall it was a lovely visit. It was very awesome to see all of Satchel's teeth poking up on his X-rays and I was thrilled that neither of them had any cavities. The monkeys were psyched to get new Power Ranger toothbrushes and Sponge Bob toothpaste. Dr. Rump also told us we'd be getting Malco gift cards in the mail. Sweet!

The not-so-fun-part involved the fact that thanks to modern technology, dentists can predict that your kids will need braces before their teeth even come in!

That and Jiro's worrisome underbite.

But hey, no cavities!


Chip said...

Alls I get to watch at my dentist is Oprah.

Shannon said...

i'd be suspicious of the braces predication. our dentist does the same thing but no predication has been made.

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