Sunday, October 26, 2008

My Date with Mary

On Friday, I told the monkeys that they were having a "guy's night" with Daddy and Iron Man and that I was going out with Mary.

Jiro said, "Iron Man isn't even real."

Satchel asked, "Are you going to Mary's House?" When I replied that we were going to a party, he said, "Oh, then you and Mary are going on a date."

So, here's a brief recap of my date with Mary...

First stop, Elizabeth's Local Color opening.

Her work was awesome as always, and Mary & I enjoyed talking to her and Toby at length, even if Toby pretended he couldn't hear us. I did get rather obsessed with this photo, which wasn't a part of the show as far as I could tell.

The man looks to me like he should be in a mental institution rather than hanging out in front of Joe's. And even if this photo is making a statement on the lack of care available to poor people in this city, it just felt wrong hanging above the fireplace in a fancy pants interior design firm.

But, back to the show. Chandler Pritchett, who had some very nice water colors in the show, greeted me warmly as I walked by. Then she stopped herself, unsure about something. "Hi, I'm Stacey Greenberg," I said. To which she replied, "Oh, I love your Dining with Monkeys blog! It's weird seeing an Internet person in real life." That both made my day and cracked me up.

Once the art show was over, we headed downtown for an Orpheum fundraiser/party at the Warehouse near the train station. Mary however decided we should stop by her office to freshen up...and check email!

The Orpheum party proved to be super fun. I was surprised that I knew hardly anyone there, but it didn't matter since I spent most of the evening talking a chef who saved up $50K to go on an around the world adventure in 3 weeks. Once he discovered I was a world traveler myself, he asked for my advice. About ten minutes into my "the best things to pack are a reusable water bottle and solar shower" speech, he started laughing and reminded me that he had plenty of money for hotels and didn't plan on seeing the world Peace Corps style. I think he will take my advice to start a blog to document his adventures, though.

Other than the chef, the most interesting person at the party was my Chiropractor, pictured here with Mary.

We had planned to scope out Bardog after the party, but despite numerous invitations to post-party at the Blue Monkey and/or Ernestine & Hazel's we opted to head back to Midtown and have a drink at The Cove with the Smiths. It was super fun, especially after the power went out!

As usual, Mary & I ended our date with a trip through the Taco Bell drive thru and a postmortem in my living room.


Stephanie said...

Your chiropractor is so much cuter than mine! Hmmm, I wonder if he's covered by my insurance. . .

You let your kids watch Iron Man?

marycash said...

Sometimes a girl just needs to check her email!

The internets understand.

Melissa said...


I think the last girl date I had was when we all went dancing. That is a sad, sad state of affairs.

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