Saturday, October 25, 2008

In the iDog House

After a very convincing speech in which Satchel explained that Burger King hamburgers were superior to McDonald's hamburgers because of their flame broiled taste, he succeeding in getting a kid's meal. I knew he was probably just after the toy, but the whole speech won me over.

About two seconds after getting his iDog (replete with Halloween costume), he said something about it being like Will's. Will is his new idol/best friend at school. So I was right about the toy.

Anyways, he dressed it up as a fireman and named it Ice Cream and loved it dearly for about three days. Then he had a playdate with Will that resulted in him trading it for a stuffed raccoon.

By this time he (and Jiro!) owned an iCat too. (Jiro also dug up an old iDog from the last BK promotion who knows how long ago.)

At the playdate, Jiro traded iDogs with Will's little sister.

When they came home, Satchel's first order of business was to make a bed for his new pets: the raccoon, Robotic the iCat, and a newly acquired funkey. (Not sure what he traded Will for that last one!) He used his bicycle helmet box, a sock, and one of Warren's bandanas. The bandana is keeping the raccoon warm, but the iCat and the funkey needed an extra layer so he fashioned sleeping bags out of the gloves that came with Jiro's Jango Fett costume.

Jiro not only made beds for his iPets, he made a whole house. The iCat is lounging on a bed of Legos and the iDog is enjoying his original box, but in a more expansive configuration. Jiro also got the colored pencils and made a kitchen for his pets. And I'm pretty sure that little white piece of paper represents some hand-selected snacks for them to eat when they wake up.

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RJA said...

We saw a hawk on the roof of a house on Highland yesterday eating a squirrel. But now I'm thinking it might have been an iHawk eating an iSquirrel. And that iSquirrel might have been flame broiled.

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